Polygon Unveils 2.0 Roadmap

Plans To Develop ZK-Powered Multi-Chain Scaling Solution

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Polygon Unveils 2.0 Roadmap

Polygon, a top Ethereum scaling team, has announced plans to redesign its ecosystem into a symbiotic network of many chains.

The team said Polygon 2.0 would establish a future path for its PoS Chain, introduce new utility for the MATIC token, and pave the way for greater community governance over the Polygon protocol and treasury.

“Polygon 2.0 is our blueprint for building the Value Layer,” Polygon said. “Over the coming weeks… we will lay out a roadmap for how Polygon will become the Value Layer of the Internet, offering unlimited scalability and unified liquidity via ZK technology.”

Polygon’s MATIC token is the 12th largest crypto asset with a $6B market cap. MATIC is down more than 20% for the week after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission described MATIC as a security in the agency’s lawsuit against Coinbase.


Multi-Chain Architecture

Polygon’s announced 2.0 overhaul comes just one week after Optimism deployed its long-awaited Bedrock upgrade.

Bedrock open-sourced Optimism’s modular OP Stack, enabling developers to build bespoke L2s leveraging its technology. Optimism plans to merge OP Stack-based chains into a symbiotic “Superchain” in the future.

Polygon 2.0 appears to be laying the groundwork for its own multi-chain ecosystem.

“Polygon 2.0 is a network of ZK-powered L2 chains, unified via a novel cross-chain coordination protocol,” the announcement said. “For a user, the entire network will feel like using a single chain.”

Polygon has been on a product-shipping spree in recent years, launching its zkEVM in March, deploying the mainnet beta for its hybrid rollup Nightfall last May, and introducing its Layer 3 architecture Supernets in April 2022. Polygon also continues to develop Miden, a ZK-STARK-based L2, and maintain the PoS sidechain it launched in 2017 and rebranded in 2021.

Polygon said it will provide more information on the roadmap over the coming weeks. A live stream discussing Polygon 2.0 in further detail is scheduled for June 15.