Our Most Read Stories This Week: LINK Trust, Disney Taps Immutable, ETH ETFs, ADA Adopts Substrate

The Defiant's most read stories for the week of Nov. 6.

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These are the top 10 most read stories on The Defiant during the week of Nov. 6:

  1. Grayscale Chainlink Trust Shares Rocket To 200% Premium: GLINK, shares in Grayscale’s Chainlink Trust, have rocketed to a 200% premium compared to the spot LINK markets.
  2. Disney And Square-Backed Games Tap Immutable And Polygon For Ethereum Scaling: Immutable, a gaming-focussed Ethereum scaling team, said it is receiving a flurry of interest web3 games seeking to launch on its upcoming Polygon-powered Layer 2 rollup, Immutable zkEVM, ahead of its mainnet launch early next year.
  3. "I Don't See a Reason for the SEC to Deny the ETH ETF," said Bloomberg Analyst Eric Balchunas: Based on the saga prospective Bitcoin ETF issuers have gone through, U.S. securities regulators would likely have to approve a spot Ether ETF, said Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas.
  4. Cardano Blockchain Plans to Adopt Polkadot's Substrate Framework: Cardano, the Layer 1 blockchain created by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, plans to use the underlying framework of Polkadot, a competing Layer 1 chain, also created by an Ethereum co-founder, Gavin Wood.
  5. Tron Quietly Becomes the Leading Blockchain for Stablecoin Transfers: Emerging markets are pushing Tron to become the top blockchain for USDT and other fiat-backed stablecoin transfers.
  6. Bank of England Unveils Stablecoin Rules: The Bank of England has released stablecoin regulations that will take effect next year.
  7. Coinbase Launches On-Chain KYC Verification to +100M Users: Coinbase just launched one of the largest efforts to bring decentralized identity to the mainstream.
  8. Arbitrum Community Greenlights Staking Mechanism: The Arbitrum community passed a revamped proposal to launch staking for ARB holders on Nov. 6.
  9. Crypto Critic Nouriel Roubini is Launching a Token: Economist Nouriel Roubini has called Bitcoin "the mother of all bubbles" and crypto "the biggest criminal heist in human history."
  10. dYdX Doubles Down on Decentralization: ast forward to 2023 and dYdX has reached over 1T in total trading volume and commands a TVL of over $300m.