Our Most Read Stories This Week: 2024 Rate Cuts, Anti-Crypto Bill, AI-Crypto Mashup, SNX Inflation

The Defiant's most read stories for the week of Dec. 11.

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These are the top 10 most read stories on The Defiant during the week of Dec. 11:

  1. Crypto and Mainstream Markets Rally After Fed Foreshadows 2024 Interest Rate Cuts Digital assets are rebounding with the broader markets following a three-day sell-off in response to the U.S. Federal Reserve leaving interest rates unchanged following strong economic performance in the United States.
  2. Senator Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Crypto Bill Gains Momentum Senator Elizabeth Warren's bill to crack down on crypto's involvement in illicit activities continues to garner support in the Senate.
  3. There’s Actual Substance Behind the AI-Crypto Mashup Decentralized AI will certainly try to compete with its centralized counterpart.One key potential advantage for decentralized AI lies in compute
  4. Synthetix Tokenholders Vote To End SNX Inflation The community for Synthetix, a veteran DeFi protocol credited with pioneering yield farming, has voted to put an end to SNX token inflation.
  5. LayerZero Launches 40+ Testnets For Newly Announced V2 Iteration LayerZero, the popular cross-chain messaging protocol, has unveiled its forthcoming v2 iteration.
  6. Chainlink Holders Staked Tokens Worth $650M Hours After Early Access Launch Holders of Chainlink’s LINK flocked to stake their tokens on the blockchain oracle provider’s upgraded staking system.
  7. GFX Labs is Deploying Uniswap V3 to Bitcoin Sidechain Rootstock GFX Labs is bringing Uniswap to Bitcoin.
  8. Spot Bitcoin ETF Issuers Kowtow To SEC Demanding In-Cash Redemptions Some prospective spot Bitcoin ETF issuers are kowtowing to the will of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission by abandoning immediate plans for “in-kind” share redemptions.
  9. Ledger Code Library Attacker Drains $480k After Compromising Dozens of Web3 Dapps A code library maintained by crypto wallet provider Ledger was compromised today putting user funds at risk for more than five hours.
  10. Rainbow Wallet's Points Are Attracting Thousands of MetaMask Users Rainbow, a non-custodial wallet, today announced a points system rewarding past users and incentivizing MetaMask users to switch in what it calla a “fox hunt.”