NFT Market Still Hot As Invisible Friends NFTs Rocket to 12 ETH Floor At Launch

Unrevealed Invisible Friends NFTs traded as high as 18ETH after launch.

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NFT Market Still Hot As Invisible Friends NFTs Rocket to 12 ETH Floor At Launch

Who says you need to see it to believe it?

Invisible Friends, a much-hyped NFT collection of 5,000 animated invisible characters, hit a floor price of 12 ETH ($29K) as soon as the early access sale commenced on Feb. 23.


Prices have since settled around 9 ETH ($22,000) with over 10,000 ETH ($24M) in trading volume on OpenSea, propelling the collection to the top of the 24-hour leaderboard ahead of Tubby Cats.

Created by Swedish artist Markus Magnusson, the project was incubated by the Random Character Collective (RCC), whose previous NFT drops include SlimHoods and MoodRollers.


Image Source: Invisible Friends

Grueling Whitelist

With over 500,000 Twitter followers and nearly 300,000 members in the project’s Discord server, securing a whitelist slot proved to be a Herculean task.

“I did the Discord grind for weeks, got to level 20 and participated in every marbles, meditation, gardening and journaling workshop. I even bought $2,000 worth of merch to try and get noticed. But it wasn’t enough to get whitelisted,” said a community member and avid NFT degen who spoke to The Defiant and prefers to remain anonymous.

Some users went to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goal, like Twitter users cematakli and 27_andre, who created games based on Invisible Friends.

Half of the 5,000 NFTs were reserved for holders of RCC’s previous NFT collections, with the other half allocated to early supporters and active community members.

“Invisible Friends is created by Motion Markus, one of DeeKay’s early influences. RCC as a brand is most likely going to bring Dee on for his generative project,” MA_Octo, a longtime supporter of RCC, told The Defiant.

In any event, the grind seems to have paid off handsomely in this case.

However, not all collectors are impressed with the high floor price, with some urging caution.


Charity Auction Raises $1.3M

Earlier in the day, a special gold Invisible Friend was auctioned for charity.


The winning bid? An eye-watering 496.69 ETH ($1.3M).

The buyer, who goes by ₿OOMΞR on Twitter, received the unique Gold edition along with five unrevealed Invisible Friends NFTs.

Following the auction, the buyer tweeted “I bought this…. #1 for charity ….. #2 on behalf of a fund that will be set up soon, whose account will be started and has a focus on philanthropy”

₿OOMΞR did not respond to a request from The Defiant for further comment.