Institutions Break 11 Straight Weeks Of Buying Crypto: Report

CoinShares reported outflows from large entities over the past week.

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Institutions are taking profit, according to CoinShares’ latest institutional report.

​​Digital asset investment products suffered $16M worth of outflows this past week after 11 straight weeks of purchases.

Large entities began reaping gains made over the recent crypto rally, in a week marked by a widespread crypto market sell-off and above-yearly-average trading volumes.

Head of research for CoinShares, James Butterfill, said sales came mostly from the United States with $18M of outflows, while Germany and Switzerland had inflows worth $10M and $9.1M respectively.

This activity leads him to believe that the offloading is mostly profit-taking and not a change in sentiment in the asset class.

Trading Surged

Trading activity surged, with $3.6B changing hands. That’s more than double the 2023 average of $1.6B, according to the report.

Bitcoin was the biggest loser of the week, with $32.8M sold off from BTC products. Its 2023 has been significantly bullish, however, with $1.6B accumulated by institutions, and triple-digit price appreciation.

While the previous week was bullish for Ethereum, the asset was once again predominantly sold by institutions, with outflows notching $4.4M.

Altcoins bucked the trend, reported Butterfill, with institutions favoring Solana ($10.6M), Cardano ($3M), XRP ($2.7M), and Chainlink ($2M) focused funds.