Gods Unchained Launches To 200M Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers

Prime Gaming users can access exclusive Gods Unchained content

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Gods Unchained Launches To 200M Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers

Gods Unchained, the popular web3 trading card game from Immutable, launched on Amazon Prime Gaming to its 200M subscribers on Dec. 4.

The deployment allows Prime Gaming members to play God’s Unchained and access exclusive expansions. Prime Gaming subscribers can link their in-game Gods Unchained account to receive monthly access to in-game items.

The Amazon Prime Gaming launch follows the launch of the second season of Gods Unchained, dubbed Far Horizons, in late September. Season 2 introduced new in-game features, improved visuals, and the Tides of Fate expansion pack. Tides of Fate features three new characters and a new gameplay mode among other new features.

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming,” said Daniel Paez, executive producer of Gods Unchained at Immutable Games. “Season 2 offers a new chapter in the game’s ever-evolving story that will introduce sweeping changes to the meta and players’ strategies.”

Gods Unchained also launched on the Epic Games Store, which boasts 230M users, in June.

Gods Unchained is a pioneering web3 game that launched on Ethereum in 2018. However, the game encountered a myriad of issues on Ethereum, including rising gas fees and disruptions to gameplay for transaction execution, prompting the development and 2021 launch of its gaming and NFT-focussed Layer 2 network, Immutable.

Immutable leverages technology from StarkWare, but is not compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Immutable recently teamed with Polygon to build its forthcoming EVM-compatible Layer 2, Immutable zkEVM.

Immutable deepens ties with Amazon

Gods Unchained’s launch on Prime Gaming follows Immutable joining the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ISV Accelerate Program in October.

The initiative is described as a “co-sell program” for organizations providing software solutions leveraging AWS. Immutable will access expert resources to help it “close deals with major game studios” worldwide. AWS is the world’s largest cloud computing service provider.

“Web3 gaming is one of the fastest growing subsectors of the blockchain industry and is already enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide," said John Kearney, AWS’s regional head of startups.

Immutable hosts several leading web3 game titles including Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, and Gods Unchained.

Web3 gaming comeback

The news comes as GameFi projects are outperforming the broader crypto markets, with the combined capitalization of the sector bouncing 62% to nearly $15.2B since Oct. 30, according to CoinGecko.

Gods Unchained’s GODS token is up nearly 150% since the start of October, last changing hands for $0.39. Immutable’s IMX token also rallied 138% over the same period, currently trading for $1.40.

However, GODS and IMX are down 95% and 85% from their respective all-time highs, with GameFi tokens among the hardest hit by last year’s brutal bear trend.