Experience Biswap | Meet TOP 2 DEX with the Lowest 0.2% Trade Fee on the BNB Chain!


Biswap is the TOP 2 decentralized exchange on the BNB Chain. It allows users to swap tokens with superior speed, guarantees quick & safe transactions, low slippage exchange, and the lowest trading fee of 0.2%!

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Experience Biswap | Meet TOP 2 DEX with the Lowest 0.2% Trade Fee on the BNB Chain! [Sponsored]

Gain crypto on the global Biswap DEX:

In addition to these pleasant benefits, Biswap loves to reward its users in different ways:

  • Up to 50% Fee Return from user’s transactions
  • Up to 75% of the trading fee for Liquidity Providers
  • Up to 20% rewards via Biswap Multi-type Referral Program

Biswap DEX provides a wide range of profitable services, activities and perks that make it exceptional from other projects. Make sure of it yourself!

Earn on Biswap DEX | Explore BSW, Core Products & Unique Features!

Biswap DEX will magnify you with various features and offers for earning. For instance, Biswap constantly enters into strategic collaborations and expands its ecosystem with TOP and progressive projects like Binance, SafePal, Alpaca, BetFury etc.

Explore the key aspects of Biswap DEX, its opportunities and native token.

Get to Know BSW | The Progressive Biswap Token on BNB Chain

It’s a popular utility token with a huge user base of 140 000+ BSW Holders that support the Biswap ecosystem. BSW is listed on powerful CEXs, such as Binance, Kucoin, Bybit and others.

Apart from being able to hold BSW tokens, you can also use a wide variety of additional benefits that come with it:

  • Exchange with the lowest 0.2% trading fee
  • Grow your сrypto yields via Farming with high APYs
  • Stake BSW in Launchpools & Double Launchpools with TOP crypto
  • Earn Up to 20% in BSW via the Multi-type Referral Program for inviting friends

These all just have been the core Biswap products. But there are several unique features that you can explore only on Biswap!

Tap to find out more about BSW:

The Multi-Reward Pool | Gain Various Crypto At Once!

Multi-Reward Pool is an additional earning option for Biswap traders and BSW Holders. To join the Pool and get glorious rewards, you have to stake BSW and activate them by making trading volumes at The more trading volume you have – the highest income you can expect from staking!

  • BSW, WBNB, BUSD and partner’s token
  • Up to 700% APY
  • Low entry barriers
  • Extra income for tradings

Click to earn in Multi-Reward Pool now:

Multi-Reward Pool has many interested parties, including Biswap DEX, Liquidity Providers, BSW Holders and Traders! All of them will get a bunch of benefits.

Biswap Journey to Paris | Binance Blockchain Week 2022

We are more than honored to be invited by Binance to their Blockchain Week Conference in Paris, which will take place from 14 to 16 September. Biswap DEX will be presented as a partner exhibitor among the leading BNB Chain projects that got this chance.

Be ready to take part in two fantastic Biswap events. All you have to do is follow simple conditions and take a chance to be the first to win exceptional Biswap merch, the latest Apple products, the newest Mercedes Benz 2022 or $50 000!

Join The Grand Biswap Event | Be the 1st to Get the Most Special Prizes!

Participate in the Grand Event, which is a great part of the Binance Blockchain Week Conference, and win various outstanding gifts. If you have ever dreamt of getting a luxury car, your time has come.

Event duration: 9 – 30 September
Winners: 40 lucky Biswap users

Look at the limited and special gifts prepared for Biswappers:

📍Biswap Gift Box will include the unique Biswap merch.

Follow these simple rules:

  1. Subscribe to Biswap Twitter, Telegram Chat & Channel
  2. Make a quote retweet of this post on Twitter, add the #biswap_in_paris hashtag and tag 3 friends and Biswap official profile on Twitter
  3. Connect your wallet to the Biswap website
  4. Read the article about Biswap on the Binance Academy portal and complete the quiz

    Find the quiz and all the conditions HERE:

Participate in this precious occasion and good luck!

Enjoy the Spin & Win Activity | Turn the Wheel to Catch the Biswap Branded Items!

If you’re going to visit Paris, then you are the lucky one to participate in Biswap Spin & Win Activity right at the Conference!

Spin the wheel and win the Limited Edition Biswap Merch:

  • Handy Notebook
  • Potent 20 BSW
  • Comfy Hoodie
  • Stylish T-Shirt
  • Fancy Cap
  • High-quality Bottle
  • Magic Pen
  • Bright Sticker

Join the most grandiose week of the year and be the first to win sensational prizes!

Closing Word

Biswap DEX is where everyone will find the opportunity to earn worthy crypto. Users can choose from various features, starting from the profitable exchange with the lowest 0.2% trading fee, exclusive Multi-Reward Pool and big events like Binance Blockchain Week.

Take action – become a part of Biswap DEX! Start gaining crypto easily!

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