Dissecting Ethena's Bold Claims: What Everyone is Missing About USDe

This is Crypto With Cami, a show where we go through all the major news in DeFi and Web3 in 30 minutes or less.

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This week's headlines

0:00 Unconvinced

0:43 Agenda

1:26 What is Ethena?

3:22 Problem with Stablecoins

4:50 Ethena's Solution

6:55 Problems with Ethena

14:24 $ETH updates

15:19 $WLD ATH

16:03 $FIL at Solana

16:30 Starknet Drama

17:28 Optimism Airdrop

17:44 Aave $5M Program

18:02 Uniswap on 6 New Chains

18:37 Leverage Restaking Gearbox

19:17 Euler Finance Redemption Arc

19:40 Chiliz onboards PSG