DexToro: Pioneering Decentralized Futures Trading on the Optimism Network


Demand for decentralized perpetual futures platforms is at an all-time high as traders seek exchanges that offer self-custody, low trading fees, no KYC, and near-instant execution! DexToro delivers a CEX-like experience on-chain using a proprietary trading engine.

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DexToro: Pioneering Decentralized Futures Trading on the Optimism Network

Demand for decentralized perpetual futures platforms is at an all-time high as traders seek exchanges that offer self-custody, low trading fees, no KYC, and near-instant execution!

DexToro built a new revolutionary capital-efficient decentralized exchange on the Optimism blockchain to meet market demand. With proprietary Smart Wallets and a Peer-to-Contract (P2C) trading engine at its core, DexToro guarantees infinite liquidity, low trading fees, and zero spread on all trading pairs. Fully audited, transparent, and secure smart contracts enable DexToro to onboard thousands of anonymous traders while fending off the centralized crypto exchange monopoly.

With over 15 million monthly trading volumes, DexToro is a revolutionary DeFi market catalyst set to deliver industry-changing products to on-board the next million traders on-chain.

What is DexToro?

DexToro is a decentralized perpetual futures trading platform built on the Optimism blockchain. Using a layer-2 Ethereum blockchain, DexToro can guarantee users fast and inexpensive trading with low fees and minimum price impact through its programmable smart contracts.

Traditionally, futures trading has been a mainstay for commodities and assets, offering a window into projected market values and allowing investors to hedge risks or speculate on the forthcoming ups and downs.

DexToro removes intermediaries from the trading process through a set of decentralized smart contracts and creates a transparent trading environment on-chain powered by a superior trading model. DexToro allows users to trade using familiar features found on centralized exchanges, while participating in reward mechanics that can increase trust and loyalty through the native token: $DTORO.

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Peer-To-Contract Model

The innovative stance of DexToro is underpinned by the Peer-to-Contract (P2C) trading model, an innovative trading model that solves the common "slippage" problem found in most automated market makers (AMM) based exchanges.

Because DexToro utilizes Synthetic Assets as the underlying, we are proud to support Crypto, Forex and Stocks with up to 50x leverage, as compared to most DEXs only supporting crypto assets. DexToro supports over 87+ trading pairs.


The biggest benefit of trading derivatives on DexToro is that you can trade with infinite liquidity and zero slippage. The P2C model means traders don’t have to fight the limitations of an order book, like worrying about their orders filling or suffering from slippage—something that big traders endure when trading on CEXs or AMMs.


When trading on DexToro, you can completely bypass the conventional rules of the traditional order book model and automated market maker model (AMM).

With DexToro, users can take advantage of the peer-to-contract trading engine. In this case, the smart contract is a debt pool (collateral) to support the value of synthetic assets traded on DexToro.

DexToro Smart Wallet

Smart Wallet is a proprietary product built by DexToro that utilizes account abstraction & smart contract wallet technology to deliver the most secure, decentralized perps trading experience.

DexToro Smart Wallet enables you to trade any market with a single account.

DexToro's on-chain margin engine "Smart Wallet" offers a comprehensive suite of tools for trading derivatives fully decentralized & self-custodial. Smart Wallet accounts utilize a script-like trading language that defines ordered commands (or steps) to be batch-executed by the trader in a single transaction.

The command structure supports unrestricted interactions (like modifying position margin and size across multiple markets) and other protocols integrated into the engine. Commands ranging from depositing margin from an EOA to the Smart Wallet account and executing swaps via Uniswap's Universal Router can all be scripted in whatever order the trader desires.


Smart Wallet Command Execution Flow

Furthermore, as the Smart Wallet system is upgradable, future protocol integrations can happen seamlessly without disrupting the functionality already offered.


Smart Wallet Account Proxy Architecture

How To Take Advantage of Trading Rewards

At DexToro, staking the $DTORO token means traders can reduce trading fees by as much as 50% and generate even lower fees depending on their staked $DTORO.

By staking $DTORO and placing trades on the platform regardless of their volume, traders are automatically eligible for Trading Rewards. The amount of staked $DTORO directly impacts the share of rewards awarded at the end of each epoch.

Understanding the $DTORO utility is crucial for the ecosystem as it provides DexToro traders with discounted trading fees via a cashback mechanism style trading rewards paid in $DTORO. By rewarding traders who take full advantage and stake $DTORO, DexToro creates an incentive mechanism that reduces trading fees, and ensures a stabilized long-term price appreciation.

As a failsafe mechanism, staked rewards must be vested to prevent token inflation. Claiming tokens early incurs a 90% penalty fee, which decreases linearly over the course of a year.

Compounding DTORO comes with no vesting fee. While claiming tokens can only be done after a year to avoid penalties, compounding allows you to add DTORO to your stake and avoid penalties while earning significantly higher staking rewards.

The staking and trading rewards system on DexToro is more than an incentive; it's an investment plan that echoes the platform's strong suit to its traders and long-term investors.

Staking Rewards

Stake $DTORO to earn a share of protocol revenue.

The DexToro staking contract allows traders to lock $DTORO tokens in exchange for numerous benefits.

- Staked DTORO will earn weekly inflationary rewards. Staked wallets with trading activity will earn additional rewards to prioritize DexToro investors. Staking is available on the Optimism Layer 2 Network.

- Staked DTORO grants voting rights within the protocol. Stakers are eligible to vote on new token listings and protocol upgrades when available.


An Immersive Trading Experience

Trading and interacting with all features on DexToro are the same as on any other CEX. Immersing yourself in the platforms features requires a one-time setup that pairs your wallet to the trading interface and bridges your assets to the Optimism network.

No Sign-Up or KYC is needed, and DexToro offers a self-custodial way of protecting and safeguarding assets through our proprietary Smart Wallet. Once connected, you can place trades, manage positions, search PnL history, track profits in real time, stake and claim $DTORO rewards, and share your successes with your community.

Every trading tool is tailored to the market's needs and includes perpetual orders, network swaps, limit and market orders, and analytics tools. DexToro can provide all these features as a full-circle service without interacting with any centralized third parties, everything is powered by a set of audited, decentralized smart contracts.


Future Prospects of DexToro

The value DexToro adds to the decentralized perpetual market was rapidly identified by the market. DexToro raised $150,000 through two ICO rounds, which sold out in less than 24 hours at the end of 2023.

DexToro recently completed a successful investment round, raising $242,000 from venture capitalists and angel investors. The funds will be allocated to increase awareness of DexToro's utility for decentralized traders as the company prepares to launch a new seed round at Consensus 2024.


Leading into 2024, DexToro has become a popular decentralized perpetual futures platform with over $35 million in trading volume so far and lots of room to grow. With a focus on development in the initial stages, DexToro has integrated trader-friendly features and primed user retention.


Moving forward, DexToro has decided to focus on achieving its roadmap objectives, with a particular emphasis on developing its own layer 1 blockchain, TOROS. Development of TOROS is set to begin in early 2025, with the aim of on-chain derivatives trading and improving smart contract-based trading. They aim to onboard the entire derivatives market on-chain by end of 2025.

Before TOROS, DexToro Liquidity has already undergone development.

A crucial product for DexToro is developing its liquidity-as-a-service protocol. This new product, built entirely by DexToro, will revolutionize distributed liquidity and help onboard millions of users to decentralized derivatives leveraged trading by becoming the “Binance & MetaTrader of DeFi” quoted directly from DexToro’s Founder and CEO Nick Nechanicky.

DexToro plans to utilize a multichain approach to cater to the diverse needs of the interconnected blockchain ecosystem. Initially, the platform will support Base and the Ethereum Mainnet, allowing it to target 95% of the 263 million Ethereum users and compete in a more crowded market. Currently, DexToro has focused solely on serving Optimism users, who constitute just 3% of the total ETH users. Therefore, by expanding its reach to the rest of the ETH users, DexToro can gain a much higher potential market share.

The community-generated around the DexToro brand is not merely a congregation of solo traders; rather, it's a think tank of traders who comprehend the value of retaining control over their trading funds and not entrusting third parties with their capital—no matter the regulations in place!

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DexToro has etched itself as a new contender in the decentralized derivatives trading sector. Optimism can easily ensure low trading fees and instant trade finality, making Dextoro a platform that has yet to market its full potential into the bull market!

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