Circle Brings Gasless Transactions To Grab Wallet Users

Grab leverages Circle's new Gas Station service for fee-free transactions

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Circle Brings Gasless Transactions To Grab Wallet Users

Grab, the Southeast Asian ‘superapp’ servicing 180M users, is teaming up with Circle, the company behind the USDC stablecoin, to offer fee-free NFT experiences for Singaporean users.

Announced on Oct. 19, the partnership will pilot Circle’s freshly launched Gas Station product, which allows developers to offset the gas fees incurred by user transactions.

“Gas fees pose an added layer of friction for developers and businesses looking to integrate blockchain benefits into their apps,” Circle said. “With the launch of Gas Station, we are abstracting away blockchain transaction fees.”

Grab Wallet

Grab launched a Polygon-based web3 wallet for Singaporean users in September following cooperation with the country’s central.

The wallet allows users to accrue NFT vouchers that can be used at events and businesses in Singapore, including merchants, restaurants, and last month’s Formula 1 Grand Prix. Payments are executed via the XSGD stablecoin from StraitsX.

Users also receive digital collectables as rewards when redeeming NFT vouchers. The collectibles reportedly depict famed Singaporean landmarks.

Grab’s wallet leverages Circle’s Programmable Wallet service, which was launched in July and supports account abstraction.

Circle targets web3 builders with new products

Circle launches two new services built on top of its Programmable Wallet in the form of Gas Station and Smart Contract Platform on Oct. 19

The platform allows users to manage and deploy smart contracts through a user-interface. Circle said it is also working to release audited templates in the future, stating the templates will help to accelerate contract development.

The Smart Contract Platform APIs are currently available on Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.