Celestia Rival Avail Partners With StarkWare For Blockchain Data

The integration will enable developers to reach 1 min finality, and reduce data publishing costs by 90%.

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Celestia rival Avail today announced a partnership with StarkWare to increase blockchain data availability on Ethereum Layer 2 network, Starknet.

Avail will leverage Madara, a customizable Starknet sequencer, to offer developers data availability (DA) solutions for their app-chains. Alongside these app-chains, the DA can be used for Layer 3’s on the network.

“With Avail’s contribution, this capability brings about significant cost savings, offers tailored management solutions, and introduces a sphere of innovation that was once considered inaccessible in the blockchain infrastructure landscape,” said Uri Kolodny, co-founder and CEO of Starkware–the team that pioneered zero-knowledge-based rollups in 2018.

Sequencers such as Madara are positioned as integral cogs of an infrastructure looking to scale. They operate similar to rollups, bundling transactions from users and shipping them throughout the Ethereum network.

According to a press release, today’s integration will reduce data publishing costs by 90%, along with making it easier for developers to build on the protocol, and help Starknet achieve 1 minute finality.

Avail is currently in testnet, projected to go live in Q3 of 2024, but developers can begin experimenting with the integration today.