Orbiter Finance Users Report Missing Transactions Amid Possible Hack

DeFi Users Are Advised Not To Use The Cross-chain Bridge Until The Situation Is Resolved

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UPDATE: Orbiter has published a statement claiming that their Discord account has been blocked but the bridge is safe.


Orbiter Finance, a cross-chain bridging protocol, is facing allegations of missing transactions and suspicious activity.

Social media users are warning others to avoid using the platform citing numerous complaints about transactions not being credited to users' wallets. Additionally, the project's Twitter account is inactive, and their Discord account appears to have been deleted.

Orbiter Finance has yet to comment on the allegations but has apparently responded to a concerned user.


The platform, which allows users to bridge assets across multiple networks, has gained some popularity in recent months due to its low transaction fees.

While it's unclear whether the missing transactions are due to a hack or something more nefarious, users are being advised to approach the platform with caution until the situation is resolved.

This is a developing story.