An Introduction to DapDap: Your Universal Gateway into the Ethereum Universe


DapDap is your new universal entry-point designed to streamline the exploration and user interaction across the Ethereum Ecosystem.

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An Introduction to DapDap: Your Universal Gateway into the Ethereum Universe

Introducing DapDap: One Platform, Open Discovery, and Direct Access

DapDap is an all-encompassing platform that simplifies the user journey across Ethereum Layer-2s. Currently live with support for over 15 networks, including major names like zkSync, Optimism, and Arbitrum, DapDap has rapidly become a pivotal part of the recommended DeFi toolkit. Boasting a user base of over 75,000 within just a month of its launch (now close to reaching 100,000 users in its second month), DapDap serves to facilitate seamless interaction with the world of Web3 — recently, handling an impressive 1.4 M in volume within the first week of its Odyssey Vol. 3 Scroll Expedition.

DapDap’s mission is to redefine and simplify the user journey across Ethereum L2s, making it accessible and rewarding. By integrating features that allow for direct access and open discovery, DapDap offers a customised user journey that ensures efficient and enjoyable interactions with different networks across the Ethereum ecosystem.


The Problem DapDap Solves

The Ethereum Layer-2 landscape is expansive and still growing. The DapDap team envisions that there will soon be over 100 Layer-2 networks and tens of thousands of decentralised applications (dApps). This vast selection creates a fragmented user experience and high barrier to onboarding, where users must navigate complex interfaces, manage multiple wallets, bridging experiences, and websites.


DapDap's Solution: A Single Interface

DapDap consolidates these diverse Web3 interactions into a single, streamlined experience:

  • Single Sign-On: Access multiple L2 networks and dApps with one wallet.
  • Open Discovery and Direct Access: Easily discover and interact with a curated list of the most prominent dApps.
  • Customised User Journey: Personalise your pathway through the DeFi landscape based on your interaction history and preferences.

Powered by NEAR JS: Technology Behind DapDap

Utilising the latest in blockchain technology, DapDap leverages NEAR protocol for optimal performance and scalability across its Ethereum components. DapDap integrates a user-friendly interface with powerful backend solutions that support high transaction throughput and low latency. This tech backbone of being powered by a flexible and decentralised protocol like NEAR, allows DapDap to offer a responsive and reliable platform, essential for navigating the often volatile and fast-paced DeFi market.

DapDap by the Numbers

  • 150+ Applications: From trading dApps to liquidity management and more.
  • 15 Ethereum L2s Supported: Expanding accessibility across the Ethereum ecosystem
  • 75,000+ Users in 30 Days: The fact that DapDap is already nearing 100k users is a testament to DapDap’s ease of use and effectiveness.
  • $800,000 Deposited on Layer Bank & Over $1.4 Million Volume Transacted on Scroll Network: Indicative of trust and utility within the DeFi community.

What’s Next for DapDap?

Looking ahead, DapDap is set to polish user experiences further and expand its application offerings. Plans include:

  • Adding 300 More dApps: Enriching the gateway with more choices and experiences, with Liquid Restaking (LRTs) support in the pipeline.
  • Expanding L2 Partnerships: Customising entry points for an enhanced user journey, with Blast integration planned for later this month.
  • Launching Mobile and Desktop Versions: Ensuring accessibility and convenience across all devices.

Join Us on This Journey

Step into the future with DapDap today, where exploring the vast world Web3 becomes a simple, engaging, and most importantly, rewarding experience (yes, DapDap also has points!)

About DapDap

DapDap emerges as a solution to the critical challenge: how can we streamline the discovery of the Ethereum ecosystem? Serving as a universal gateway, DapDap offers a unified in-app experience, redefining DeFi with a single intuitive interface. This is designed for the seamless navigation of over 150 dApps and 15 networks — making interactions across Web3 effortless and engaging for all users.

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