Pantera-Backed Rollup Omni Network Announces Airdrop

3% of OMNI’s total supply will be airdropped to EigenLayer restakers, ETH stakers, various NFT holders, and Omni community members.

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Airdrop April continues in full force.

Ethereum re-staking rollup Omni Network announced today its Genesis airdrop details, with 3% of its 100 million total supply geared for early adopters.

Eligibility for the airdrop was determined according to a snapshot taken on April 3. Users will have 45 days to claim their OMNI tokens, which will launch as an ERC-20 token.

Omni Network touts itself as a re-staking blockchain built to unite all rollups. Its airdrop has been designed to favor the staking and re-staking sector, with 13.3% of the 3 million tokens allocated going to restakers on EigenLayer – which saw a successful mainnet debut yesterday – and 10% to Beacon Chain Solo Stakers.

However, eligibility will be restricted to the top 10,000 restakers on EigenLayer, and the top 5,000 stakers on Beacon Chain, with the latter to receive 600 OMNI tokens.

According to the Omni Foundation, they became the first Actively Validated Service (AVS) to secure $1 billion in restaked ETH commitments from the industry’s leading liquid restaking protocols, such as Ether.Fi, Renzo, and Puffer.

Omni’s airdrop is also leaning towards the NFT market, which has been gathering steam lately. More than 20% has been earmarked to four collections: Milady Maker, Redacted Remilio Babies, Pudgy Penguins, and Injective Ninjas.

OMNI Airdrop Allocation
OMNI Airdrop Allocation

The Omni Network is backed by some big-name Web3 players, including Pantera Capital, Spartan Group, Jump Crypto, and Two Sigma. In April 2023, it secured $18 million in funding.