Ethereum Developers Target January for Testnet Launch of Major DenCun Upgrade

Ethereum's Cancun-Deneb (DenCun) upgrade is expected to improve scalability and lower costs for rollups.

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Ethereum developers are targeting January to launch the testnet of the blockchain's next major update, signaling the distributed team is getting closer to deploy key scalability improvements on mainnet.

Three Ethereum testnets will implement the upgrade, known as Cancun-Deneb (DenCun), in the next two months, developers agreed in the latest AllCoreDevs call. The Goerli testnet is preparing for a Jan. 17 launch, Sepolia for Jan. 30, and Holesky for Feb 7.

DenCun will introduce Proto-Danksharding and so-called data "Blobs."

The upgrade will be a significant step towards reducing high gas fees that often plague Ethereum, and improve the chain's capacity.

Goerli recently conducted a successful test to evaluate the performance of Ethereum post-DenCun. The results were promising, paving the way for the upcoming deployment.

Blobs and Proto-Danksharding

One of the key features of the DenCun upgrade is the introduction of data Blobs, with EIP-4844. These large chunks of data will be handled separately from regular transactions, allowing for more efficient processing.

Additionally, the DenCun upgrade will bring Proto-Danksharding, a crucial step towards the implementation of sharding. Sharding will allow the blockchain to be split into smaller pieces (shards) that can be processed in parallel, significantly improving scalability.