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Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov announced release of Metaverse

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By: Chainwire

Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov announced release of Metaverse

Dubai, UAE, October 30th, 2023, Chainwire

Meta Force introduced the basic functionality of a Metaverse, focusing on the implementation of business projects.

Meta Force Metaverse is a development of the decentralized Meta Force platform released about a year ago. The functionality of the platform is designed for the work of project teams organized on the principle of network marketing.

Lado Okhotnikov, Meta Force’s CEO: "We understood that network marketing as a scheme of business process organization has excellent prospects. At the same time, it was difficult to digitize and transfer it to an online format. Difficulties were not in programming; the algorithms were clear. The problem was business-specific, it is necessary to provide absolute guarantee of fulfillment of obligations, especially on accurate and timely payment. And now imagine: users from different countries can work in one team. How do we deal with them? How to make international payments? All this could not be combined within the framework of one application. The solution was to use a blockchain..."

From platform to Metaverse

Lado Okhotnikov’s Meta Force is the first real step to blockchain application for network marketing. The project proved to be successful even at the initial stage, it confirmed the perspective of the approach and showed the direction of development.

Meta Force is supposed to be the consistent platform improvement up to the creation of a full-fledged Metaverse.

Here, Metaverse performs the function of an interface allowing users to work comfortably and interact with each other and with the system. Obligations are guaranteed by smart contracts based on the Polygon blockchain. All agreements are fixed in smart contracts and cannot be changed, even Meta Force managers have no access to them. Native Forcecoin token is used for financial settlement.

Almost since the first release, the Meta Force platform was fully operational, everything was there for the full work of project teams. About one and a half million users joined the platform during the year.

Lado Okhotnikov: Why do we need Metaverse

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Lado Okhotnikov, Meta Force’s CEO: "We followed the roadmap exactly. Meta Force is not just an app, it is a permanent workstation for hundreds of thousands of users now and millions in the future. We must make their work both comfortable and effective. That’s why we need Metaverse. And in this, perhaps, there is our main difference from other Metaverse projects, we focus not so much on visuals, but on the efficiency of users. People come to make money - and we give them this opportunity..."

September’s upgrade was the first stage of the transition to the Metaverse format: the software kernel was optimized taking into account the significant expansion of the audience, the platform is prepared for scaling, the scope of the Forcecoin application was expanded, own crypto wallet and virtual real estate purchase module was added.

After testing the system, the second, final stage will be carried out by launching a full-fledged Metaverse.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is a company developing its own decentralized digital platform. The Meta Force platform is designed to be used in business applications. In September 2023, Meta Force began transforming the platform into a full-fledged Metaverse.

Lado Okhotnikov is the founder and CEO of Metaverse. He is a leading expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, an IT developer, and a crypto investor. Lado is known as a crypto enthusiast and supporter of maximum freedom in the crypto business.


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