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Linea Kicks Off ‘DeFi Voyage’ Campaign

Users Of Consensys’ Layer 2 Network Can Earn XP By Completing Quests That Could Lead To A Potential Airdrop

By: yyctrader

Linea Kicks Off ‘DeFi Voyage’ Campaign

Roughly three months after launching its mainnet beta, Linea, the Ethereum Layer 2 network built by Consensys, the company behind MetaMask and Infura, has launched a campaign to attract new users and educate them about DeFi in the process.

Starting today, Linea’s DeFi Voyage aims to incentivize users to explore and engage with various decentralized applications and dive deep into different aspects of DeFi, including wallets, bridging, swaps, lending, borrowing, liquidity provision, yield farming, and more.

Screenshot of Wave 0
Screenshot of Wave 0

The introduction of the Voyage speaks of the decentralization of the network, which indicates that a Linea token may be forthcoming. With Celestia’s recently airdropped TIA token performing well, DeFi users will undoubtedly be looking to Linea for another windfall.

It should be noted, however, that the Linea team has not disclosed any official plans for a token.

The first task involves bridging at least $20 worth of ETH to Linea using MetaMask’s Portfolio app.

Screenshot showing first task

Note that gas fees on Ethereum mainnet are currently elevated, so you might want to consider bridging from another Layer 2 or cheaper networks like Polygon or Binance Chain. Metamask also levies a 0.875% fee for bridging assets through the app.

Prohibitive Gas Fees For Bridging From Mainnet
Prohibitive Gas Fees For Bridging From Mainnet

For newcomers, Linea DeFi Voyage presents an opportunity to dive into web3 with a fully-curated walkthrough experience in partnership with MetaMask Learn. The platform integrates lessons on core web3 and DeFi concepts and offers simulations to practice before jumping into the DeFi tasks.

Linea has partnered with Intract, a web3 quest platform, to manage the campaign.

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The DeFi Voyage will span six weeks and consist of waves and core tasks. Each wave will feature a single core task, and users can also opt to complete bonus tasks for additional rewards. Completing tasks will earn users Linea Voyage XP, non-transferrable soulbound tokens that recognize their contributions to the Linea ecosystem.

Participants are advised to accumulate their Voyage XP in their primary wallet, which must pass Proof of Humanity (PoH) verification, which will be activated during the third wave of the DeFi Voyage. Once the PoH process is successfully completed, users will be able to claim their Voyage XP.

Linea users can bind multiple wallets to a single profile. However, this process is irreversible, and bound wallets will accumulate XP only in the primary wallet.