LAYER 1: Solana News

Solana Reckons With Seven-Hour Outage After Bot Swarm
OpenSea Adds Solana to Its Quiver of Networks
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Devs Flock to Ethereum But Fulltimers Still Sorely Needed as DeFi Expands
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Market Action: Terra Leapfrogs Binance Smart Chain with Surge in TVL
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Questions Swirl as Solana Loses a Fifth of its Value in Seven Days
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Market Dispatch: Metaverse and GameFi Sectors Drop 30% in Crypto Selloff
ConstitutionDAO Members Decry High Gas Fees After Narrowly Losing Auction
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Markets Roundup: Ethereum Burn Rate Surges as DeFi Tokens Post Mixed Performance
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Solana Powers Up Web3 Gaming Projects with $100M Funding Deal
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Fantom Surges 90% in 30 Days to Hit All-Time High and Challenge Elite Layer 1s
Layer 1s Better Watch Their Backs as L2s Surge in TVL
Exploring the Multi-Chain Universe Amid Incentives & Upgrades
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Oracle Pyth Goes Haywire on Solana with Bad Prices
DeFi Market Stabilizes After White Knuckle Drops Monday
DeFi Lending Venture Rides Solana’s High-Speed Chain to $100M in Deposits
We are under attack Solana and Arbitrum Down
We Are Under Attack - Solana and Arbitrum Down!
Solana Outage Likely Caused by Bots Pursuing an Initial DEX Offering
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Solana Blockchain Suffers Intermittent Stability
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Ape Diaries: The Early Bird Gets The Airdrop
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Harmony Opens the Throttle on Layer 1 with $300M Fund for Myriad Projects
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Solana Attracts Oracles as Momentum Builds for Next Phase of DeFi
Lido Brings Liquid Staking to Solana, Its Third Blockchain
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Layer 1 Boom Drives Terra’s LUNA Token to the Moon
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It’s Been a Killer Week for 'Ethereum Killers'
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TikTok Chooses Blockchain-Powered Audius for First Music Integration
How to Enter 3Pool on Mercurial Finance | Solana Tutorial
How to Enter 3Pool on Mercurial Finance | Solana Tutorial
Solana’s SOL Breaks All-Time High as Ecosystem Comes Together
Solana DEX Mango Markets Raised $70M in Token Sale
A Deep Dive into Solana
A Deep Dive into Solana
2 in 1 Polywhale Yield Farming on Polygon Matic Phantom DeFi NFT wallet
2-in-1! Polywhale: Yield Farming on Polygon (Matic) + Phantom: DeFi & NFT wallet
SOL rally
Solana Gains Most Among Layer 1s in Volatile Week
solana ecosystem
Solana DeFi Ecosystem Overview
How to Swap and Provide Liquidity on Raydium
How to Swap and Provide Liquidity on Raydium
DEX Project Proposes Porting SushiSwap to Solana