LAYER 1: Avalanche News

Alt Layer 1 Trade Unravels as Ethereum Killers Sink Below ETH
LUNA Loses Half its Value in 24 Hours as DeFi Tokens Crater
Aave V3 Depositors Can Pocket Avalanche Token Rewards
Friday Wrap: ETH and Other DeFi Coins Shake Off Looming Rate Hikes
DeFi Kingdoms Goes Live On Avalanche Subnet
Aave Launches Souped Up V3 on Fantom and Avalanche
Avalanche to Invest $290M in 'Subnets' for DeFi, GameFi and NFTs
Terra and Fantom Are Pumping Even as DeFi TVL and Ethereum Burn Rate Drag
AVAXs Emin Gun Sirer Blockchains Should be Scalable at Their Core Layer 2s Mean Giving Up
AVAX's Emin Gun Sirer Says Blockchains Should be Scalable at Their Core; Layer 2s Mean Giving Up
0x’s New Offering May Drive NFT Action to Avalanche, Fantom, Other Chains
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Aave Cranks Up Institutional Play With Launch on Layer 2 Networks
A Battle Royale: Layer 1s Vs. Ethereum and Layer 2s
Avalanche Accelerates AVAX Adoption with BitGo Deal
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Market Dispatch: Metaverse and GameFi Sectors Drop 30% in Crypto Selloff
Rising Fees on Avalanche Trigger Scramble for Solutions
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Markets Roundup: Avalanche and Gaming Tokens Surge Amid DeFi Retreat
Pendle Launches Yield Token Trading on Avalanche
Avalanche Joins Layer 1 Funding Boom with $200M War Chest for Devs
Layer 1s Better Watch Their Backs as L2s Surge in TVL
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DeFi Powerhouses Curve and Aave Deploy on Avalanche to Profit from Incentives
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Avalanche's AVAX Token is Set to be Listed on Coinbase Pro
Deep Dive into Avalanche by Ava Labs
Deep Dive Into Avalanche by Ava Labs
The Uniswap of Avalanche Is Having its Biggest Week Ever
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Layer 1 Boom Drives Terra’s LUNA Token to the Moon
Defiers Are Apeing Into Avalanche Pushing Benqi Finance to $1B in TVL
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It’s Been a Killer Week for 'Ethereum Killers'