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Investors Eye Digital Currency Group After FTX’s Implosion

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DeFi Lending

MakerDAO to Liquidate Overleveraged Vaults and Absorb $1.3M in Bad Debt

USDC, USDP and GUSD Vaults Affected

By Samuel Haig

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MakerDAO, the largest DeFi protocol with $6.4B in total value locked (TVL), has said it will liquidate heavily leveraged vaults in a bid to prevent the protocol from accruing excessive bad debt.

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Paradigm Accused Of Copying Code For Rust-Based Ethereum Client

Erigon To Wind Down Support For Akula

By Samuel Haig

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On Nov. 24, Erigon announced that it is winding down support for Akula, a Rust implementation of OpenEthereum. The team said they decided to sunset the project after becoming aware of a competing product from an entity with incomparable resources and influence.

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  1. Go here to the token creation page (create an account first)
  2. Fill in the form describing your token economics
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  4. Your token is created and you’re entered into the lottery
  5. The campaign will run until December 1st
FTX Crisis

The ‘DEF CON Scenario’: Investors Eye Digital Currency Group After FTX’s Implosion

Genesis Reportedly Considering Bankruptcy As Funding Proves Elusive

By Aleksandar Gilbert

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As FTX collapsed — and the tide came in — builders, investors, aficionados and just about anyone with a passing interest in cryptocurrencies wondered: who else had been swimming naked?

All eyes are now on Digital Currency Group (DCG).

The crypto conglomerate, whose subsidiaries include some of the biggest names in the industry, is tottering in the wake of FTX’s bankruptcy.

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Layer 2s

Layer 2 Gas Usage Up 170% in 2022 as Adoption Surges

Arbitrum Continues to Lead Sector After Nitro Upgrade and OpenSea Integration

By Samuel Haig

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Ethereum’s Layer 2 (L2) ecosystem is seeing record network activity despite the bear market, with the monthly gas spent on settling L2 transactions set to post its second consecutive all-time high.

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US ApeCoin Holders Will Be Blocked From Official Staking Website

Eleventh-Hour Decision Riles BAYC Community

By Tarang Khaitan

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Residents from several countries including the United States and Canada are prohibited from accessing, the official website for staking APE tokens.

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