The Defiant

How To Decentralize a Fortune 500 company

Billion Users with Base

By: Tegan Kline

Today we host a triple threat of guests to give us a deep dive into the launch of Base, Coinbase’s Layer 2 that just launched. Base is an Ethereum Layer two that offers a secure, low cost, developer friendly way for anyone anywhere to build decentralized applications. Today we have Jesse Pollak, senior director of Engineering at Coinbase, Eva Beylin, the director of the Graph Foundation, and Ben Jones, the director of the Optimism Foundation. Each played a role in the recent Base launch and development. Today we talk about the evolution of Base from inside a Fortune 500 company, then importance of decentralized tools like the Graph and Optimism, the importance to think positive sum, not zero sum, advice that Jesse has to go towards decentralization inside a centralized company and how we plan to onboard millions of dapps and a billion users with Coinbase.