What is PlayFi?


The AI project aims to arm content creators, studios, brands and consumers with the power of blockchain.

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What is PlayFi?

By leveraging decentralization and machine learning capabilities, PlayFi is building the protocol that will enable web3 features and experiences to bridge to the content the world is watching and playing.

Between sports casting, gaming, and influencer streams, live content consumption is hyperscaling at almost 30% per annum. However, the scalability of the monetization and data models related to live content isn’t growing as quickly as the consumer base is.

PlayFi looks to make AI more accessible to live content creators, and enhance the speed in which data can be processed from live content through their AI agents.

How Does PlayFI Work?

PlayFi runs custom AI agents that consume and transform content into data instantaneously. The swift information consumption and conversion provided by PlayFi’s machine learning models can take the unpredictable nature of live content, and quickly enhance it for the content creator, the consumer and any third parties, such as brands, involved.

The potential for quick and accessible data is large, but a few of the clear cut use cases include creator airdrops and giveaways, instant prediction markets, and custom advertising.

All the data and transactions will take place on PlayFi’s PlayBase chain, connected to the ZKSync Elastic Chain and powered by Matter Labs’ ZK Stack. PlayFi will also be incentivizing data farmers, content creators, and publishers in their upcoming native token, $PLAY.

The $PLAY airdrop campaign is currently ongoing. Users can earn points through completing a variety of social tasks and climb the PlayFI leaderboard.


PlayFi Node License Sale

Ahead of its upcoming network launch, PlayFi will be holding a node license sale, where users can purchase the right to operate a node and earn rewards on PlayBase. PlayFi nodes are designed to run on “standard laptops” and no extensive hardware will be required to run them. The sale will be held publicly on July 31.

To prioritize network decentralization, PlayFi will be incentivizing the first 10,000 node purchases, with a bonus allocation of the $PLAY token set aside at launch equivalent to the cost of the nodes. This bonus allocation for the first 10,000 nodes will be distributed in addition to any other airdrop earned by the user.

In addition to future network rewards, node operators will be entitled to 20% of the $PLAY supply, set to be distributed alongside its airdrop event.