What is GURU Network?


DexGURU is leveraging machine learning to build the “AI Orchestration Network”

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What is GURU Network?

GURU Network is a Base layer 3 solution built by the team from DexGURU that allows for both dApps and retail operators to natively embed AI agents and run compute nodes, while earning network participant rewards.

Layer 3 blockchains offer dApps a highly customizable and interoperable network that is built on top of a Layer 2. Layer 3’s provide developers the ability to target specific niches by building the network around custom features and complex dApps. Picking up the right Layer 3 Ecosystem is crucial and Guru Team launching Guru Network as Base Layer 3.

GURU is designed for frictionless interoperability between smart contracts and AI technologies, with the goal of building products for both business-to-business (B2B) entities and retail participants.

The launch of GURU Network will serve as a future operations layer for pre-existing and future Guru products such as the DexGuru trading terminal, Guru block explorers, Flow nodes and data science toolset.


How Does GURU Work?

GURU can be split into 3 primary functions: the framework, the network, and the flow orchestrator.

The network is responsible for providing a home for both real-world actions as well as blockchain business process automation (BBPA). It serves as a sync layer between different entities running Compute Nodes though Guru Network.

The framework offers a comprehensive suite for dApp deployment and other AI driven processes within the network. WIthin the orchestrator builders(Gurus) can fully customize their agents for specific network tasks.

The flow orchestrator is a code minimized environment that simplifies the creation and management of projects. This enables users to customize and automate their workflows.

GURU’s Roadmap

GURU Network is still very early on in its development. Currently in its Testnet phases, the team is gearing up for its liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) of the $GURU token.

Following the token generation event, the testnet phases will begin, and existing DexGURU products will begin to restructure their framework in order to migrate to mainnet.

The testnet portion of the roadmap will include features such as:

  • Native product launches: DexGuru V2, the block explorer, and the flow orchestrator for GURU NFT Season Pass holders.
  • AI Tools such as the open-source DexGuru GPT Agents.
  • Low-code processors for tool creation.
  • Introduction and testing of governance processes.

Mainnet is slated to go live in Q3, and will feature incentivization programs for network development, as well as a Guru Smart Wallet.


The intersection of AI and blockchain is one of the hottest narratives in the modern market. For GURU Network, customizable AI agents look to serve as the backbone of the upcoming GURU ecosystem.

The addition of machine learning to DexGuru’s pre-existing products allow for transparent monitoring of their current ecosystem, and future network development.

Powered by their native token $GURU, DexGuru’s AI Orchestration Network looks to provide an incentivized home for the future development of AI models, agents, and nodes.