Reunit wallet: Token presale open and airdrop to STG holders


Reunit, the long-awaited first omni-chain wallet capable of using funds from multiple blockchains simultaneously, will launch its beta and presale of the $REUNI token in February. Whitelisting for presale is now open.

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Reunit wallet: Token presale open and airdrop to STG holders [Sponsored]

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1. What is Reunit?

Reunit is the first truly omni-chain wallet. This means that a user can, without necessary configuration, simultaneously send tokens from several blockchains at the same time, in the same transaction, in one click, in the direction of any other blockchain.

Current wallets are not omnichain.

Current wallets are not omnichain.

If a user has 1,000 USDC spread over Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche, he therefore theoretically has a purchasing power of 1,000 USDC.

But in reality, when the user connects to a dApps (for example Uniswap) the user will be required to choose a network (say Ethereum), and therefore, he will only be able to spend the USDC present on this same network (450 USDC in our example) which can drastically reduce the purchasing power, and therefore the volume generated by the application.

That’s why Reunit is the first real omnichain wallet.

The consequences of this revolution are enormous both for decentralized applications and for users :

● For users, increased purchasing power and the possibility of using applications initially reserved for other blockchains.

● For dApps, more volume, more liquidity, more transactions and the ability to attract users from other blockchains without making any changes

2. How it works?

Reunit could not exist without the revolution initiated by LayerZero and Stargate Finance. Indeed, Stargate allows the transfer of stablecoins and other ERC20 tokens from one blockchain to another in a decentralized way with low fees.

Reunit therefore uses this technology for all cross-chain operations.

Reunit Wallet Flow

3. Who is behind Reunit ?

The founder of Reunit, B.Naïm ( ), is an early member of the sushiswap core team, and also a recognized Stargate & LayerZero contributor who built .

4. A presale and an airdrop for $STG ?

Along with the launch of its beta version in February, Reunit will also carry out a pre-sale of its $REUNI token.

This will be limited to a certain quantity, and the price set per token is $1.

A second sale will also take place in March, this time with a price set at $2.

To be whitelisted, users will have to register here :

This token will give the possibility to those who hold it to earn part of the fees generated by the dApp Store present inside Reunit Wallet, and also to vote on certain proposals.

An ambassador program has been launched for users who wish to be active in sharing the project.

In order to reward the Stargate community and to celebrate the first year of the launch of the protocol, Reunit will issue an airdrop of 2,000,000 $REUNI to STG holders.

The proposal also generated an incredible number of reactions and votes on the official Stargate forum:

REUNIT Circulating Supply Scheduled Emission

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