Off-ramp Crypto in One Click with Skyteller


Your simple, decentralized crypto off-ramp has arrived. Meet Skyteller.

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Off-ramp Crypto in One Click with Skyteller [Sponsored]

The world of cryptocurrency has grown rapidly in recent years, offering new opportunities for wealth creation. Whether you’re trading to earn, or working in web3 and have your income paid in crypto, it can be difficult (and costly) to off-ramp your earnings into cash you can use. If we want to drive crypto adoption, it's essential to create a seamless experience for anyone earning their living through crypto. That’s why Skyteller is building an easy-to-use, decentralized crypto off-ramp.‎‎‎

Crypto 🤝Cash

Skyteller is leveling the playing field for crypto earners who, at present, typically make 3 to 4 transactions across multiple platforms (paying fees each time) just to get crypto into their bank account. Skyteller provides an alternative to centralized exchanges, offering earners a fast, simple and decentralized way to convert the crypto in their wallet directly to cash in their bank account in one straightforward transaction.‎


Get your account set up in just a few steps and initiate your transaction in one click.‎


With Skyteller, you don’t have to worry about swapping tokens or transferring funds to another account. Everything is processed in one transaction.‎


Skyteller keeps all tokens on-chain until you need to off-ramp and allows users to deploy their own custom Skyteller smart contract for even more features.

Skyteller can be used in many situations to cash out your crypto. For example, artists and NFT projects can use Skyteller to consolidate their royalties into one convenient location, a single click away from fiat, reducing the need for managing multiple wallets and simplifying the process. It can also be easily connected to a payment splitter, letting anyone who earns crypto from freelancing efficiently manage their earnings and taxes.

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How it works ⚒️

Skyteller's decentralized off-ramp offers easier and more straightforward cash outs in comparison to traditional centralized methods. When you use Skyteller for the first time you’ll need to complete just a few simple steps to get set up.

  1. Go to Skyteller and connect your wallet to sign up
  2. Connect your bank
  3. Enter the token and amount you want to cash out
  4. Click ‘Send to bank’ and confirm your transaction

Hooray! Your crypto will be sent directly from your wallet to your bank and arrive via ACH in 1-3 business days.

Skyteller also offers the option to create your own personal off-ramp which allows you to receive funds at your own custom ENS, connect to a payment splitter, collect royalties, and more. Skyteller currently supports transactions on the Ethereum blockchain for earners based in the United States.

Looking ahead 👀

Skyteller's roadmap promises exciting developments, including personal payment pages for easy and secure peer-to-peer transactions, support for L2s (launching on Polygon soon!), and international expansion.

If cryptocurrency hopes to drive “the next billion users” it must prioritize the way in which crypto can help meet people’s real-world needs. By building bridges through solutions like Skyteller, we can ensure that the opportunities presented by web3 and earning crypto are available to everyone. The team is committed to building secure and reliable Web3 products that broaden financial access and inclusion.

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About Skyteller ✨

Skyteller is a product from the Galactic team - a group of builders with extensive background in fintech and crypto from companies like Venmo, Paypal and Square. They distinguish themselves from traditional finance with their decentralized approach and commitment to user control.

Skyteller is designed to tackle the issues of on-chain custody and security concerns that centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs) and P2P platforms often face. Users keep all tokens on-chain until the final step, ensuring optimal security and maximum decentralization. Skyteller places a premium on safety, compliance, and regulatory adherence, with regular audits of its contracts.

Right now Skyteller is available in the US, with regulations preventing it from serving Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, and New York.

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