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MetaMask Learn: Navigate Web3 Like a Fox [Sponsored]

If you’re reading The Defiant, chances are you know what web3 is. But for many around the world, education still remains a barrier to doing more in web3 besides buying and trading cryptocurrencies.

In a recent survey carried out by ConsenSys of crypto holders in the US, almost a third of respondents indicated that they still keep their tokens on an exchange and don’t use a designated crypto wallet for keeping their wealth safe. According to Gemini’s State of Crypto 2022 report, globally, respondents were nearly twice as likely to say that more educational resources on cryptocurrency would help them get started with crypto (40%), compared to recommendations from friends (22%).

The purpose of MetaMask Learn is to teach people the basics of self-custody and wallet security in a safe environment.

What is MetaMask Learn?

MetaMask Learn Navigate Web3 Like a Fox Article

Going from web2 to web3 is a paradigm shift that requires users to rethink the way they typically interact with internet applications. Since time immemorial, we’ve been asked to trust various entities — governments, financial institutions, and other individuals — with our money, our identity, and our data. Web3 seeks to take society back to the true meaning of ownership and personal responsibility. In web3, you are in custody of your assets and, therefore, responsible for keeping them safe. We will show you how.

MetaMask Learn is an educational and entertaining platform designed to immerse you in the world of web3: what it is, why it matters, and how to get started. You will learn core concepts in visually engaging lessons from the world’s leading self-custodial wallet.

MetaMask Learn is geared toward those that are crypto-curious. Perhaps you have bought some cryptocurrency over the years, but don’t know there is a burgeoning world of cultural and financial applications.

Learn will help demystify important concepts that will broaden your understanding of web3 fundamentals. If you consider yourself an expert, this is a great resource to share with your friends and family to get them excited with you. Imagine that fun conversation the next time you’re gathered around the dinner table.

Meta​​Mask Learn is a free-to-use resource available in 10 languages for anyone interested in learning about Web3. It provides an interactive and live-simulated environment that will help onboard those new to self-custody safely onto MetaMask, and guide users through the most common topics to help them get started in web3.

Brought to you by the MetaMask team that recognizes the steep learning curve when it comes to web3 technologies, we want to break those jargon-filled barriers in a simple manner through engaging lessons.

We believe these interactive simulations will increase community confidence and combat scammers that prey on unsuspecting victims. The MetaMask Learn syllabus will guide you through 8 initial topics:

Since our inception, we’ve always placed an emphasis on educating our community so you feel empowered to make decisions. We hope that MetaMask Learn will leave you feeling more confident in navigating the vast waters of web3.

Why MetaMask

As the world’s leading self-custodial wallet, the folks behind MetaMask have seen it all. The good, the bad, the devastating, and the cringe.

We believe that everyone with an internet connection should have full custody of their identity, data, and assets. We created MetaMask to make web3 more accessible to users all over the globe. Before we can truly reap the benefits of web3, however, we must ensure that users are well-informed and prepared to abide by the “rules” of this new internet. It’s like moving to a country with an unfamiliar culture. Sure, you can ignore the rules of this new country and still get by…but wouldn’t you enjoy your new home more if you knew how to stay safe? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable exploring this new place, even contributing to its governance and beautification? Let’s be real, you would.

Now who better to teach you how to get started than the world’s largest web3 wallet?

What’s in it for me

Knowledge is power. Even if you are a web3 skeptic like that guy from the OC, you should still understand what it is you’re skeptical about.

MetaMask Learn will onboard users safely onto MetaMask with a simulation of the product so you don’t have to buy ETH before you see how it all works. Through UX research and seeing the topics that users have the most trouble understanding, the “What is Web3?” curriculum gives users a solid foundation to get started in Web3. It is accessible as a webpage on the MetaMask main site at

Lack of knowledge of web3 is a barrier to entry for many crypto holders. By providing a resource for education, we hope to demystify the space; make it more accessible to everyone; and arm Web3 users with the confidence and smarts they need to navigate web3 in a safe way.

In a recent survey carried out by ConsenSys of crypto holders in the US, almost a third of respondents indicated that they still keep their tokens on an exchange and don’t use a designated crypto wallet for keeping their wealth safe.

75% of respondents didn’t know or were unsure of what self-custody was.

We infer from this that there are a fair number of crypto holders who don’t fully understand the concept of decentralization and self-custody. An appreciation of these concepts, as well as a better understanding of web3, will give the audience the confidence they need to participate in web3 in a safe way.

What you can expect

MetaMask is global. Our lessons are currently available in 10 languages that use MetaMask the most: English, Portuguese (Brazil), Tagalog (Philippines), Bahasa (Indonesia), Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, and Turkish.

After the Web3 101 course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what web3 is, and the fundamental pivot from web2 services in use today
  • Know what a crypto wallet is (hint: it’s not a wallet) and explain it simply to a friend
  • Realize and love the principles of self-custody
  • Find a whole new meaning with your digital identity
  • Look at NFTs from the artist’s point of view
  • Find community heralded in DAOs
  • Crack the DeFi code (just kidding, but you’ll definitely recognize core principles)

Each lesson has an interactive component simulating experiences like swapping a token, voting on a DAO proposal, and even imaginative concepts designed to show you what’s possible.

MetaMask Learn is a free resource, and always will be.

Share it with your friends and family to get everyone in on the excitement.


What’s next

MetaMask is used by millions of people all over the world and we are keen to support more languages.

We will also continue to add more lessons to MetaMask Learn. Web3 is a fast paced industry and we are committed to keeping you informed of the latest developments. If you have ideas or feedback, be sure to drop a comment in our community forum. Also, sign up to our dedicated MetaMask Learn newsletter to be notified when we have new lessons and surprises.

What to do now

Head over to MetaMask Learn! No registration, no KYC, just pure knowledge.

Happy Learning