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ETHDenver: Competition and New Ideas Spur Wallet Development

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Layer 2

Airdrop Farmers Eye Ethereum Layer 2s For Potential Tokens

Scroll Launches Testnet, Raises $50M

By Samuel Haig


Some traders believe that an Arbitrum airdrop may be just around the corner, with Polymarket’s prediction market for whether the Layer 2 will drop its token by the end of March surging 150% earlier today.

Airdrop farmers are also converging on the latest testnet deployment of Scroll, a Layer 2 rollup powered by zero-knowledge proofs.

On Feb. 28, Scroll launched its “alpha” deployment on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet. On Monday, Scroll tweeted that 180,000 unique wallets have already executed 665,000 transactions on its testnet.

The team also closed a funding round featuring participation from top VC firms, including Sequoia China, Polychain Capital, and Bain Capital Crypto.

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Ethereum Name Service Unveils Subdomain Feature

Name Wrapper And New Manager App Slated To Launch Soon

By Tarang Khaitan


Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the issuer of .eth domains, plans to release a major new feature which will enable holders to create subdomains with pre-specified parameters.

ENS’s name wrapper smart contract will convert existing ENS domains into ERC-1155 tokens, which can then be used to create subdomains.

For example, the holder of xyz.eth can create a subdomain called, which can then be lent out to other users.

ENS users can also expect an updated manager app to launch alongside the name wrapper.

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Illuvium Launches ‘Beyond’ Collectible Card Game

Project To Stash Sale Proceeds To Weather Macroeconomic Uncertainty

By Samuel Haig


Illuvium, the web3 game development team, added a collectible card game to its roster on Tuesday.

Illuvium: Beyond is the fourth game in the Illuvium series. Players collect NFTs depicting characters from the Illuvium universe and compete to earn points by completing objectives.

“Funds generated from the sale of Illuvium: Beyond will be directed to a special $15M ‘Safety Pool’ designed to mitigate the risk of uncertain macroeconomic conditions by providing a unique source of runway to sustain DAO operations,” Illuvium said in an announcement.

Keiran Warwick, Illuvium’s co-founder, said the Safety Pool allows Illuvium to fund game development using revenue.

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ETHDenver: Competition and New Ideas Spur Wallet Development

Account Abstraction Enables New Use Cases Including Pull Payments And Social Recovery

By Owen Fernau


As the crypto industry looks to expand the ecosystem beyond its current set of users, its focus is returning to an arguably neglected corner of the industry — wallets.

Indeed, the 10,000-person-plus ETHDenver event last week was speckled with presentations about onboarding users with friction-minimized wallet experiences.

DeFi powerhouse Uniswap revealed its own mobile wallet on Mar. 3. The subsector even attracted over 1000 attendees to a one-day event preceding ETHDenver, called WalletCon.

Evin McMullen, a speaker at both WalletCon and ETHDenver who is the CEO and founder of a wallet-adjacent solution called Disco, thinks it’s a pivotal moment for the technologies which serve as a gateway to crypto for so many.

“The wallet is the browser,” she told The Defiant. If the metaphor holds, it means the battle among wallets will be one of the hardest fought in crypto, just as the fight for market share among web browsers was one of the most pivotal of the commercial internet. 

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