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LSDs Gather Mojo as Euler Lists Staked ETH

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Liquidity Staking

LSDs Gather Mojo as Euler Lists Staked ETH as Collateral

More Than $26M in cbETH Deposited on First Day of Listing

By Owen Fernau


In the clearest sign yet Ether-based derivatives are picking up momentum, Euler Finance on Wednesday listed cbETH, a staking instrument offered by Coinbase, as a collateral asset.

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Crypto Bankruptcies

Genesis Global Capital To File For Bankruptcy

Crypto Lender Froze Client Assets in November

By Aleksandar Gilbert 


More than two months after it froze customer assets, Genesis Global Capital is preparing to file for bankruptcy, according to Bloomberg.

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Cross-Chain Messaging Can Blow Open Interoperability

It’s Time to Move Away From Vulnerable Bridges

By Derek Yoo 


We all know how important interoperability is for the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. The most promising interoperability technologies are cross-chain messaging protocols that allow smart contracts on different chains to communicate with each other without having to send the actual tokens between chains. This means applications work with any asset or service regardless of which blockchain it is on.

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FTX’s Billions Detailed in Court Exhibit

DeFi Explainers

What was Luna?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Why This Crypto Darling Failed and its Aftermath

By Rahul Nambiampurath  


Last May, LUNA, the native token for the Terra ecosystem, was swept up in one of the most impactful failures in crypto. By some estimates, the collapse of Terra triggered $83 billion in losses.

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