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Frax Triples in Value as Stablecoin Takes Shape

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Stablecoin Ecosystems

Frax Triples in Value Amid the Wreckage of FTX

Founder Sam Kazemian Makes Strides in Building New Stablecoin Ecosystem

By Aleksandar Gilbert 


Buoyed by the fast growth of its lending and liquid staking businesses, stablecoin issuer Frax Finance is on a tear to start the new year.  

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Exclusive News

Frax Poised to Roll Out ‘Compliant’ Stablecoin

Founder Sam Kazemian Hopeful Way is Open to Register Stablecoin With Federal Reserve

By Aleksandar Gilbert 


Frax, the DAO behind the eponymous stablecoin, may build a “compliant,” dollar-pegged stablecoin if legislation introduced last month in the U.S. Senate does not pass this year.

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The Defiant Interview

Centrifuge Quietly Sets Pace in Real World Assets Race

Co-founder Lucas Vogelsang on How Any Asset Can go On-Chain and the Rise of RWAs

By Owen Fernau  


“Put it on the blockchain.” It’s a phrase that almost became a joke to highlight the supposed uselessness of the distributed ledger technology. But Centrifuge, a project designed to put debt products on-chain, is making the cliche look serious. It has facilitated $252M in financing.

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DEX Strategy

Sushi’s Ambitious Revamp May be ‘Too Complex’

Head Chef Jared Grey Aims to Roll Out NFT Marketplace and DEX Aggregator

By Tarang Khaitan and Samuel Haig 

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It’s one of the most volatile DEXs in a space renowned for its torque. Now Sushi, the No. 5 decentralized exchange, has laid out an ambitious restructuring plan.

The question is, can it execute the blueprint when it took months of controversy just to select a new head chef, Jared Grey? And will it matter?

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FTX Bankruptcy

FTX CEO Says Exchange Could Restart Operations

FTT Soars 35%

By Aleksandar Gilbert


FTX’s FTT token soared Thursday following news the bankrupt exchange may resume operations. In an interview published Thursday morning, new CEO John Ray told The Wall Street Journal he had established an internal task force to study the possibility.

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