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STX Doubles as Building-on-Bitcoin Activity Surges

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Stacks’ Token Doubles as Building-on-BTC Activity Surges

Ordinals Protocol Mints 150K Tokens in Three Weeks

By Owen Fernau  


In a surprising development in crypto, building products on Bitcoin is surging this year. 

Case in point: Ordinals, a Bitcoin-based protocol that allows people to attach digital content to small denominations of BTC. Over 150,000 of Ordinals’ tokens have been minted since the protocol launched on Jan. 31, according to a Dune Analytics dashboard

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Real World Assets

Tokenization Picks Up Steam With On-Chain Tesla and Apple Shares

Regulated Exchange Swarm Tokenizes Stocks Amid Real World Asset Push

By Aleksandar Gilbert 


In the latest effort to bring real-world assets onto the blockchain, retail and institutional investors will be able to buy and borrow crypto against tokenized stocks and bond ETFs this week.

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ZKX is building the first perpetual futures exchange on Starknet with self-custody and true community governance. The exchange plans to raise the DEX game by leveraging account abstraction and low transaction cost to provide a new generation DEX that is as scalable as a CEX. 

Excitingly, they just dropped their new gamified Community Incentives Program called ZKX Yakuza. Think of it like a universe with 8 characters, and storyline linked to specific initiatives. You can navigate this universe as a Contributor, Ambassador, or Testnet trader and earn exclusive NFTs and future ZKX tokens. 

For Season 1, they are looking for a group of fearless Contributors and Ambassadors who can help them grow the DAO and shape the direction of the protocol with them. It is a world where hierarchy matters and every member strives to climb up the ladder to earn their rightful place. To immerse yourself in the world of Yakuza, and earn some sweet rewards while doing it, check out their recent blog to participate, follow them on Twitter, join the ZKX Discord, and visit

NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplace Upstart Blur Leapfrogs OpenSea After Airdrop

OpenSea Waives Fees as Blur Handles $613M in Transaction Volume

By Tarang Khaitan  


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DeFi, Fantom, Regulations, and the challenges of being a niche micro celebrity with Andre Cronje

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