The Defiant

Crypto Taxes in 2023 (Quick & Dirty)

Crypto Taxes 101

By: Jack Dunham

Much of our team lives in the U.S. and is going through the annual crucible known as tax season. So we thought we could make these trying times a bit easier on our viewers there and around the world with a quick guide to crypto taxes. After all, it’s a relatively new asset class, and governments are playing catch-up. Things are liable to change from year-to-year, but — for better or worse — when your bill comes in, the taxman doesn’t care whether you knew the rules or not. We can’t do a deep dive into the tax regime of every country, but we can give you an idea of the kinds of ways that governments tax crypto, and examples from select countries. So grab a pen and some paper — you’ll need it for The Defiant’s quick-and-dirty guide to crypto taxes in 2023.