ConsenSys Under Fire for Collecting MetaMask Users’ Wallet and IP Addresses

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ConsenSys Under Fire for Collecting MetaMask Users’ Wallet and IP Addresses





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DeFi Privacy

ConsenSys Under Fire for Collecting MetaMask Users’ Wallet and IP Addresses

Leading Ethereum Wallet Has Over 30M Users
By Samuel Haig

image 3

Consensys has updated its privacy policy to inform MetaMask’s more than 20M users that their IP and Ethereum wallet addresses will be collected when they transact while using Infura as their default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider.

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ETH Staking

Ethereum Foundation To Test Withdrawals of Staked ETH

Shandong Testnet Will Relaunch With Withdrawals Enabled
By Samuel Haig

image 4

Ethereum’s developers are making progress towards enabling Beacon Chain withdrawals for ETH stakers.

The Ethereum Foundation JavaScript Team said it will relaunch the Shandong Testnet over the coming days with ETH withdrawals enabled for the first time.

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Major CRV Trade on Aave Leaves Money Market With $1.6M in Bad Debt

By Owen Fernau

image 5

After warning of a trading strategy which could leave Aave with bad debt last month, trader Avraham Eisenberg has put his plan into action.
The results have been mixed, but the trader’s actions ultimately left Aave, one of DeFi’s largest protocols, with $1.6M in bad debt.

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Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash Developer to Remain in Detention for Another Three Months

Alexey Pertsev Will Have Been Jailed For 193 Days Before Trial Begins

By Tarang Khaitan

image 6

Dutch authorities have ruled that Alexey Pertsev should remain behind bars until Feb. 20, 2023, calling him a flight risk.

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Stablecoins Show Signs of Stabilizing After FTX Storm

By Owen Fernau

image 7

Just as stablecoins were becoming, well, stable again after the $60B collapse of the Terra ecosystem in May, the FTX disaster struck and pegged tokens have been whipsawed ever since. 

The total value of the top five stablecoins in DeFi has dropped 18%, to $2.64B since Nov. 6.

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