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Chainlink Launches Upgraded Staking v0.2 On Ethereum

The migration phase for existing LINK stakers starts today and runs until December 7.

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Chainlink Launches Upgraded Staking v0.2 On Ethereum

Chainlink, the leading oracle network, has launched an upgraded staking feature on Ethereum mainnet aimed at enhancing the security and flexibility of the Chainlink ecosystem.

Existing stakers can now migrate their staked LINK tokens and accrued rewards to v0.2 during the nine-day Priority Migration phase, which ends on December 7. This will be followed by an Early Access phase, which will run until December 11, after which anyone can stake up to 15,000 LINK tokens, provided that the pool has not reached capacity.

By staking LINK tokens, ecosystem participants, including node operators and community members, help secure the network and earn rewards. LINK is up more than 30% in the past month.

LINK Price chart
LINK Price

Key improvements in Chainlink Staking v0.2 include greater flexibility for stakers through an unbonding mechanism, improved security guarantees for oracle services through slashing, and a modular architecture to enable future enhancements.

The new staking pool is initially capped at 45M LINK tokens. Out of this total, 40,875,000 LINK is allocated for community stakers, with the remainder reserved for Chainlink node operators currently servicing data feeds. Community stakers can stake a minimum of 1 LINK and up to a maximum of 15,000 LINK. Meanwhile, node operators have the option to stake up to 75,000 LINK.

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