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Celestia Prepares For Imminent Mainnet Launch

TIA Airdrop Allocations Tripled After Less Than A Third Of Eligible Addresses Claim Tokens

By: yyctrader

Celestia Prepares For Imminent Mainnet Launch

Celestia, a project dedicated to building a modular blockchain ecosystem, is set to launch its Mainnet Beta in the coming days.

The project’s Github repository shows a Mainnet milestone with a due date of October 31.

Celestia Github repo
Celestia Github repo

TIA Airdrop

DeFi users are no doubt looking forward to the launch of the TIA token, which eligible wallets were able to claim starting in September. The window closed on Oct. 17 with less than a third of the 600,000 wallets actually claiming their tokens, resulting in a tripling of airdrop allocations.

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Pre-launch, TIA is currently trading around $2 on Aevo, a decentralized perpetuals protocol. However, it should be noted that open interest is under $130,000 at the time of writing. Centralized exchange KuCoin also shows some OTC bids for the token.

Since its inception in 2019, Celestia has worked to integrate data availability layers and execution engines seamlessly. Its Mainnet Beta will introduce features such as a modular data availability layer with data availability sampling (DAS) light nodes, the Celestia-node API for efficient data blob publishing and retrieval, and support for 2-8 MB blocks that can be scaled through on-chain governance.

As part of the launch process, the Celestia Foundation, in collaboration with genesis validators, will collect genesis transactions. These transactions will be included in the genesis block, and once completed, Celestia's Mainnet Beta will go live.