A Deep Dive on the Lessons and Surprises of the Recent Crash

On-Chain Markets Update by Juan Pellicer, IntoTheBlock DeFi protocols, apps and their stablecoins are a key area of the whole crypto markets. Even though the average daily trading values of DeFi are 80 times lower than in centralized exchanges, their smart contracts enable open financial

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Opolis Deal Deepens Venture Capitalists’ Love Affair with DAOs

You probably missed it.  It was a deal that didn’t involve a big NFT marketplace or a new decentralized crypto exchange. Yet the vote by members of Opolis, a digital employment cooperative, to launch a DAO is significant. Why? Because it’s the latest instance of

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Decentralized Exchanges Will Eventually Trade Everything: IOSG Report

This report was written by IOSG Ventures and published exclusively on The Defiant Early on, many believed DEXes would stand no chance against CEX giants in terms of cryptocurrency trading. How in the world could simple constant product AMM  replace the likes of Binance and

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$830M Burned: A Month Into EIP-1559

It’s been a month, almost to the day, since Ethereum’s EIP-1559 upgrade went live, and the milestone was met with the first-ever deflationary day for ETH, where more of the cryptocurrency was burned than issued. The upgrade promised more predictable gas fees,  an improved user


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