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Art Blocks NFTs Soar as Savvy Collectors Snap Up Edgy Pieces

While all eyes remain on red-hot NFT avatars like Cryptopunks and Bored Apes, some savvy collectors have been quietly amassing Art Blocks in recent  weeks. The hook? Art Blocks specializes in a revolutionary genre called Generative Art that’s been around a long time but has

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Malt Protocol Steps Up and Reimburses $13.4M To Bug Victims

Refund is a word rarely heard in DeFi. So is redemption. Malt protocol is an algorithmic stablecoin that launched two weeks ago on the Polygon network. After an explosive launch, bugs in the smart contracts caused the MALT stablecoin to lose its peg and left

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DeFi “Will Bleed Into the JPMs of The World,” 0x_b1 Says

0x_B1, a pseudonymous trader or traders who holds at least 1% of assets in DeFi, isn’t just about cold, hard cash. In an exclusive interview with The Defiant, they revealed their long term vision for the space, and how their motivation goes beyond financial gain

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“Fintech Can Be a 1.5 Bridge Into 2.0 DeFi:” 11:FS Co-Founder Simon Taylor

 Simon Taylor has the rare quality of being very knowledgeable about decentralized finance but also about fintech. He is the co-founder at fintech consultancy firm, 11:FS, and he previously led blockchain research at Barclays. He also leads the excellent newsletter Fintech Brain Food.  Simon points


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