🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of May 1

Hello Defiers! Happy weekend! Or is it??? For those of us who dared to hope the bear market would be short-lived this week was a serious bummer. The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 0.50 percentage point to combat inflation, and while...

Hello Defiers! Happy weekend!

Or is it??? For those of us who dared to hope the bear market would be short-lived this week was a serious bummer. The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 0.50 percentage point to combat inflation, and while that wasn’t a surprise given the surge in inflation to 39-year-highs, the market got spooked by fears that a recession may be in the offing as well. Owen Fernau reported on the carnage in the crypto market.

It’s still rather strange to see crypto respond to the very institution it’s supposed to disregard (or, more precisely, replace), but that’s the reality of the situation: crypto is a risk asset just like stocks, and when fear grips the market investors run for the hills and hunker down. Still, let’s not forget that DeFi is about so much more than market action, and our writers fanned out to cover a flurry of developments in the space this week.

Yyctrader fired in with a fascinating dispatch on a new breed of NFT aggregators that enable traders to scale action in the most dynamic precinct of crypto, despite OpenSea’s rather static approach. Jason Levin traveled to the outer edge of crypto culture to report on how moribund brands such as Radio Shack and Blockbuster are reanimating as crypto plays. And Owen Fernau wrote about Yuga Labs’ unhinged metaverse NFT sale last weekend, an episode marked by soaring gas fees, and suspicions Yuga is priming a new blockchain of its own.

Meanwhile, Camila Russo spoke with BoredElonMusk, the crypto gaming master and personality, about his new venture, Bored Box, a curation platform for blockchain games. Swinging to other side of the spectrum, IntoTheBlock delved deep into the mechanics of Layer 2s and Optimism.

Robin Schmidt and his team landed an outstanding interview with Yoni Assia, the co-founder and CEO of eToro, the Israeli-British online trading juggernaut that’s was very early in crypto. Yoni is fusing social networking with investing in an innovative way.


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This week:

Tips for Rethinking Your DeFi Portfolio in Bearish Times


🎙 BoredElonMusk Talks Crypto Gaming and Growing a Twitter Following to the Millions


BoredElonMusk is one of the most prominent Twitter personalities in the crypto space with over 1.7M followers at the time of recording. With decades of online gaming experience, he is now taking his skills offline with his new venture, Bored Box, a curation platform for blockchain games.

BoredElon grew his Twitter profile by consistently tweeting wacky but relatable inventions. We talk about how he built out his brand on Twitter, at what point he was able to leverage and monetize his audience, and also his take on the OG Elon’s move to try to buy the social media platform. We also get into how he was able to transition to crypto, first through NFT artist collabs, next by investing in startups and now building his own project.

The traditional gaming community is a place that BoredElon identifies with. However, we’ve seen a systemic negative reaction from that community when it comes to NFT’s and blockchain-based gaming initiatives. We discuss where that negative outlook from the gaming community stems from, and how BoredElon reconciles these 2 opposing views.

The Tube

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📺 Quick Take: Otherside Hangover - what the hell happened?! BAYC-hem

Weekend Read

🧟 Dead Brands Attempt Resurrection With Crypto

Blockbuster Video Reborn as a DAO in Nostalgia Play

Jason Levin catches up with one of the stranger trends in branding.


My journey into the world of crypto’s nostalgia for the ’90s started with a simple tweet. A few months back, I tweeted out “nostalgia-as-a-service”. At the time, I was referring to Spotify charging me $6.99 a month to listen to ‘90s grunge-punk bands like Nirvana and Green Day.

But now I realize nostalgia-as-a-service is so, so much more. Over the last two years, we’ve been swarmed by zombie companies. RadioShack and Blockbuster Video, left for dead long ago, have somehow come back to life to haunt our consumer dreams once again.

The catch? They’ve gone crypto. The latest: Limewire, the defunct website known for distributing free music, raised $10.4M in April to build a music-focused NFT platform. Monetizing the familiar is rapidly becoming a web3 play.

“Nostalgia is a hell of a drug,” Greg Isenberg, founder of web3 design firm Late Checkout and advisor to Reddit, told me. “Nostalgic IP strikes an emotional chord in people and makes it a community-owned brand. This trend is just beginning. Every day new brand owners are reaching out to us looking to leverage web3 with the trust they’ve built over years.”

Deep Dive

🤯 Soaring Gas, Simmering Suspicion, and 50,000 NFTs: Inside Yuga’s Zany Metaverse Mint

Creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club May Build its Own Blockchain

In which Owen Fernau takes stock of an unhinged land sale and the glory of boredom in the buzziest ape club around.


Ungodly hype creates ungodly expectations. That’s what happened when Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, launched the balleyhooed mint of their Otherside NFTs on May 1.

Yuga, which is worth $4B, raised hundreds of millions of dollars from the mint of 50,000 NFTs called Otherdeeds. They were designed to let owners claim land in Otherside, Yuga’s forthcoming metaverse world. Yet the sale, with soaring gas prices, thousands of failed transactions, and profuse apologies made the offering instantly infamous. There were plenty of unhappy customers.

“They managed to do terribly in both the minting process and the ‘sorry’ thread aspects,” hildobby, a data scientist who builds Dune Analytics dashboards, told The Defiant. In the wake of the stormy mint, Bored Apes and associated assets haven’t been doing too well. APE, the newly introduced token, is down 7.7% in the past 24 hours compared to a 0.4% slip by ETH. The floor for Bored Apes NFTs has skidded 24% since Sunday, according to CoinGecko.


Average Ethereum Gas Price Over the last three years. Source: Etherscan

Market Mover

💥 NFT Aggregators Scale Trading as OpenSea Treads Water

New Breed of NFT Platforms Crank Up the Volume

In which yyctrader gets a grip on the latest effort to securitize NFTs.


If you’ve bought an NFT in the past two years, chances are you purchased it on OpenSea. The NFT marketplace leader leveraged its early mover advantage and now absolutely dominates the sector with an astonishing 95% share of sales.


Source: Dune Analytics @hildobby

Even so, NFT traders constantly complain about OpenSea. The website goes down at inopportune moments, newly revealed NFTs sometimes take forever to update, and the feature set and interface have remained pretty much unchanged.

Most importantly, you still can’t buy or list multiple NFTs from a single page, a feature sorely needed by active traders. Well, things are starting to change in 2022. Welcome to the dawn of NFT aggregators and the scaling of trades in the burgeoning marketplace. This new breed is plying traders with a way to buy and sell NFTs at volume in one go instead of scrolling and picking through reams of offerings.


👨🏻‍🏫 IntoTheBlock: Diving into Optimism and the Promise of Layer 2s

By IntoTheBlock


On-Chain Markets Report by Pedro NegronIntoTheBlock

Optimism’s release of the OP token has led to an increase in activity in the network, as speculation grows about its price and future airdrops. By looking at other Layer 2 tokens and sidechains, this piece examines the potential growth and valuation of Optimism following the release of the OP token.

Boba Network and Metis Andromeda are two competing universal Ethereum Layer 2 chains which use optimistic rollup technology. Both Layer 2 chains have already launched their governance tokens and recorded a significant increase in their total value locked (TVL).

Similar scenarios happened with Ethereum Virtual Machine sidechains. Since their tokens were already live due to validation purposes, the sidechains bootstrap liquidity by offering liquidity mining incentives. The chart below shows a historical comparison.


Source: IntoTheBlock & DeFi Llama

Despite their similarities, sidechains and Layer 2s are not apples to apples. Due to the lack of historical data on token airdrops and incentives campaigns on Layer 2 ecosystems, these comparisons in particular bring meaningful data, even though they may not paint the full picture.









  • Genie Accuses Rival Gem After DDoS AttackNFT aggregator Genie may be named after a magical wish-granting character, but Genie’s wishes were not granted this week. On May 1, Genie’s website was attacked – and founder Scott Gray accused competitor Gem of being behind it.
  • Yearn Keeps Chugging With V3 of Vaults AggregatorYield aggregators are a strange breed. They generate earnings by pushing capital strategically through DeFi protocols and they have largely fallen out of the limelight in a crypto world engulfed by Bored Apes and multi-chain ecosystems.
  • SEC Signals Crypto Crackdown with Beefed Up Enforcement ArmGary Gensler means business. That’s the takeaway from the news yesterday that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is increasing the headcount of its newly formed Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit to 50 positions from about 30.
  • Wall Street’s Jane Street Borrows $25M Via DeFi Lending PlatformTradFi leaders are increasingly cozying up to DeFi. Case in point: Jane Street, a Wall Street quantitative trading firm with more than $300B in assets, has taken out a 25M USDC loan from BlockTower Capital.




Exploits & Liquidations


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Thanking all the amazing Defiers for the support and love this week (and always)!


Rarible Protocol @raribleprotocolCool read 📚: Anything but boring: how Yuga Labs became a $4B NFT juggernaut in a year - by @DefiantNews thedefiant.io/yuga-labs-othe…


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The Scout 🔮 @TeedNf"It's on game developers - if they want to integrate the blockchain into the games- they are building in a way that it doesn't impact the fun or impact the experience of those playing it for free." @BoredElonMusk on the latest @DefiantNews pod is excellent.6:16 PM ∙ May 3, 20226Likes1Retweet


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AlexanderGrieve.sol @AlexanderGrieveWould love to see the SEC boost headcount in research and rulemaking, while I think going nuts w/ enforcement hiring sends the wrong message about their intent. Thanks @DefiantNews for the quote!


thedefiant.ioSEC Signals Crypto Crackdown with Beefed Up Enforcement Arm - The DefiantGary Gensler means business.8:03 PM ∙ May 4, 202223Likes7Retweets


Messari @MessariCryptoLast week @Saypien_ was quoted in this @DefiantNews article on liquidity incentives. Check out the full piece below:


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somi.eth @SomiArianWe have a fantastic session coming today on an Introduction to DeFi, featuring @CamiRusso of the @DefiantNews and Maxim Galesh of @coinchangeio. Thanks to our sponsor Coinchange this session is complimentary. Join here fempeak.ai/events


12:20 PM ∙ May 3, 202225Likes7Retweets


James Ross @JRossTreacherI had an incredible chat with @CamiRusso on all things crypto media, we discussed: • What the crypto media landscape looks like • How crypto founders can approach getting press coverage • Why founders should grow their personal brand Full episode here youtube.com/watch?v=AhnYrj…3:45 PM ∙ May 2, 202249Likes12Retweets


Bruno Skvorc 🦞 | bruno.eth @bitfallsTalked to @IamSuperMassive at @DefiantNews recently about the future of NFTs 2.0 and why - unknowingly - we developed *EVERYTHING* that @OthersideMeta might need, over on @Polkadot with @substrate_io and @RmrkApp 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Link to full video: youtube.com/watch?v=EWe2q5…12:17 PM ∙ May 2, 2022186Likes54Retweets


Ethereum World @worldofethereumWill DAOs and Web 3 change the world for the better? 🌏 Will creating mechanisms for crowdfunding and coordination that remove the need for trust empower people to create and build projects that improve our lives? 🤔 @spengrah, @nowdaoit, @DefiantNews thedefiant.io/web3-crowdfund…


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Bruno Skvorc 🦞 | bruno.eth @bitfallsHad a great chat about @RmrkApp with @DefiantNews' @IamSuperMassive, @VectorMeldrew, and @metamundo_NFT yesterday 🎉 youtube.com/watch?v=EWe2q5…


youtube.comThe devils in the detail. The essential tools for the Metaverse 2.0Guests Today: Bruno Skvorc - https://twitter.com/bitfalls - RMRKMark Studholme - https://twitter.com/metamundo_NFT - MetaMundoTimestamps: 0:00:00 NFT legos &...6:24 AM ∙ Apr 29, 202271Likes11Retweets


Nomics/ @NomicsFinance1st Hollywood film abt Crypto is in the works & $ETH is the star! Inspired by @CamiRusso's book, "The Infinite Machine," - slated to be a drama w/ @VitalikButerin as the hero. Goal is to have the movie be to #Crypto, what "The Social Network" was for social. @ScottFreeProd12:21 AM ∙ May 5, 202232Likes7Retweets


Bankless 🏴 @BanklessHQ✨#Ethereum goes to Hollywood!✨ & @CamiRusso is leading us there! The Infinite Machine, the movie!🎥🎞 Produced by Scott Free Productions, makers of Blade Runner, Gladiator, The Martian🎬 Is Ethereum about to get its 'Social Network' moment? Tune in! youtu.be/gw5hBPO7WO4


4:30 PM ∙ May 3, 2022144Likes36Retweets


Samantha Yap @samanthawyapIf Jason Momoa were to play Vitalik, he would have to lose his muscles! PS. Can’t wait for @ETHMovie cc @CamiRusso ✨


Bankless 🏴 @BanklessHQJason Momoa as @VitalikButerin https://t.co/21kaXeNY1S5:55 PM ∙ May 2, 202219Likes3Retweets


Bankless 🏴 @BanklessHQThis Tuesday, we’re having @CamiRusso on the podcast, and we’re bound to talk @ETHMovie . Here’s who in Hollywood we think would play the characters of “The Infinite Machine” movie. Starting with @HaleyJoelOsment as @hudsonjameson 🧵


3:10 PM ∙ May 2, 2022255Likes31Retweets

🧑‍💻 ✍️ Stories in The Defiant are written by Owen Fernau, Samuel Haig, Jason Levin, and yyctrader, and edited by Edward Robinson, yyctrader and Camila Russo. Videos were produced by Robin Schmidt and Alp Gasimov. Podcast was led by Camila, edited by Alp.

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