🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of July 31

Hello Defiers! Happy weekend! In a week filled with surprises perhaps the biggest one was Ethereum Classic. Long overlooked as a strange vestige of an ancient era, ETC rocketed 174% in recent weeks. So what’s going on? Sam Haig, who’s been covering The Me...

Hello Defiers! Happy weekend!

In a week filled with surprises perhaps the biggest one was Ethereum Classic. Long overlooked as a strange vestige of an ancient era, ETC rocketed 174% in recent weeks. So what’s going on? Sam Haig, who’s been covering The Merge, delved into the market mystery and reported on the forces driving the surge in ETC’s value.

Speaking of The Merge, Sam also wrote a deeply reported story on how PoW die-hards are girding to fork Ethereum after it shifts to Proof-of-Stake. They’re miffed by the prospect of losing their investments in mining hardware.

Someone else who’s miffed is Arctic Alpha, one of the many users who got burned when a ‘crowd-hack’ ripped off Nomad, the cross-chain bridge, for $190M. Aleksandar Gilbert interviewed Arctic Alpha and Federico Kunze Küllmer, the co-founder and director of the Evmos blockchain, to report on how bridges have become a highly exploitable component of crypto’s architecture. The future of these ventures has been called into serious question.

As for the future of decentralized exchanges, Camila Russo engaged Will Warren of Ox in a fascinating discussion on the challenges and opportunities in this crucial space. Warren shared his insights on the impact of the bear market and miner-extractable value (MEV).

Meanwhile, on the NFT front Owen Fernau reported on the surprising decision by Yuga Labs, the Bored Ape creator, to charge fees on sales of Meebits collection in the secondary market. Robin Schmidt and his team picked up on that news, too, and asked which collections might be next (CryptoPunks???) with a wry Quick Take on our YouTube channel.

If all that isn’t enough, check out Sam Haig’s deep dive into the drama surrounding the appointment of a new “head chef” at SushiSwap. The DEX has been roiled by a bitter battle over the selection process and compensation package for the prospective new chief. It’s a rare look inside the debates that are shaping the future of governance in DAOs.

Last but not least, check out our new look… The Defiant website has undergone a makeover. Coming on the heels of the soft launch of The Defiant Terminal, we’re delighted to be cranking out new offerings for you all!


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🎙 Listen to the exclusive interview with Ox’s Will Warren:


This week on The Defiant Podcast, we speak with Will Warren, founder and CEO of 0x labs, one of the oldest and largest decentralized exchanges. 0x API is currently the 5th largest DEX by trading volume but is structurally different from other DEXs as it aggregates liquidity from multiple venues.

We talk about the effect this bear market has had on the DEX ecosystem and how sliding prices have affected DEX volumes in 2022.

We discuss the evolution of DEXs, having seen some massive innovations such as concentrated liquidity with Uniswap V3. Will goes on to talk about the major impact that miner-extractable value (MEV) has had on the DEX sector.

Will hopes to see more real-world DeFi adoption in terms ofstablecoins, decentralized exchanges and trustless lending and borrowing solutions, so people can have an alternative to their local financial systems.

Finally, Will talks about 0x’s vision to see a world where all forms of value are tokenized on public blockchains, from fiat currencies, stocks and bonds, to video game items and airline miles.

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Special Report: The Merge

👀 PoW Die-Hards Plan to Fork and Mine Their Own Ethereum Chains After The Merge

In which Samuel Haig reports on the ramifications of Ethereum’s big move…


There is no doubting the excitement in DeFi. The biggest upgrade in the history of Ethereum is rapidly approaching. The Merge will convert Ethereum into a Proof-of-Stake-based blockchain from a Proof-of-Work one. The shift will make the No. 1 blockchain for smart contracts and dApps faster and more affordable. Jazzed investors have sent Ether soaring 52% in the last 30 days.

But not everyone is happy. Some die-hard miners are facing the obsolescence of billions of dollars worth of mining hardware and a fall in revenue. And they are threatening to maintain the original, Proof-of-Work version of the Ethereum network to protect their investment.

To protest, they could fork off and create their own PoW versions of Ethereum when the upgrade takes effect. The forked networks would maintain the same wallet balances and transactional history as Ethereum prior to the chain-merge.


🦹🏻‍♂️ Blockchains Wrestle with ‘Significant Threat’

Nomad Hack Exposes Weakness of Cross-Chain Bridges

Aleksandar Gilbert talks to a victim of the Nomad hack and a blockchain chief to report on the future of bridges…

Blockchains Wrestle with ‘Significant Threat’

Earlier this year, a Cardano user going by the pseudonym Arctic Alpha was frustrated there were no dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies on his preferred blockchain. So he decided to use a bridge protocol called Nomad to bring “multiple six figures” of USDC he’d purchased on Ethereum to Cardano.

Arctic Alpha deposited the USDC on Nomad, and Cardano minted an equal number of “wrapped” USDC. He put the wrapped USDC into a liquidity pool on Cardano and, for a while, earned between 20% and 30% APR on his deposit.

When the crypto market tanked this year, the APR on his deposit tanked with it, and Arctic Alpha decided to withdraw the USDC, leaving a hair over $100,000 in Nomad, just in case.

Monday night, scrolling through Twitter, he saw something that made his heart sink. “Someone said, ‘Hey, [here’s] a little breakdown of what happened on Nomad,’” he told The Defiant in an interview this week, “and I was like, ‘You gotta be kidding me.’”

Special Report: The DAO Dilemma

🍣 SushiSwap ‘Head Chef’ Narrowly Wins Vote

Contentious Debate Over Pay Continues as New Poll Approaches

In which Samuel Haig continues his coverage of the drama roiling SushiSwap’s quest for a new chief executive…

SushiSwap ‘Head Chef’ Narrowly Wins Vote

Governance has spoken, and the SushiSwap community remains divided on a proposed candidate for its leadership position of “head chef”. In a poll, members of the decentralized exchange’s governance forum voted to elect Jonathan Howard, a software engineer, as its chief executive by a slim majority of 53%.

The result comes after more than a week of inflamed and divisive discourse within the SushiSwap community. Many governance forum members were miffed by what they considered Howard’s exorbitant pay package: the head chef may have pocketed more than $10M if certain SUSHI token price targets and other bonus criteria are met.

The poll was a “temperature check” to determine the sentiment of the membership. Now Howard’s appointment will move to a binding poll in which tokenholders will vote proportionately to the SUSHI they hold. No date has been set for the next vote.

Even so, many community members and Sushi insiders believe there should be a separate vote on the prospective head chef’s compensation package. “It doesn’t feel like we negotiated the compensation package,” community member Nickjrishwait posted. “This probably should have been two proposals.” So the drama is far from over.


NFT Roundup

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