🦄 Recap: DeFi Week of Aug. 29

Hello Defiers! It was looking like DeFi was easily gliding into a long weekend (in the U.S.) —ETH increased its value by a quarter, while Polkadot and Solana made great leaps forward. NFTs are fetching ever-rising valuations, the DeFi Pulse index was pois...

Hello Defiers!

It was looking like DeFi was easily gliding into a long weekend (in the U.S.) —ETH increased its value by a quarter, while Polkadot and Solana made great leaps forward. NFTs are fetching ever-rising valuations, the DeFi Pulse index was poised to cross $100B in total value locked, and Arbitrum launched a long-anticipated foray into the wild frontier of Layer 2. But things are never quiet for too long in crypto. It’s almost as if Lord Bogdanoff phoned in to add a little drama, and the WSJ dropped a story reporting that the SEC is investigating Uniswap Labs. Traders didn’t panic, but Brady Dale reported this could be part of a broader inquiry into DeFi.

Beyond regulatory turbulence, NFTs continue to dominate open finance news. yyctrader wrote on a blockbuster $100M NFT deal involving the mysterious Vincent Van Dough, and Owen Fernau chronicled the strange phenomenon of text-based Loot tokens. Brady Dale reported how Fantom’s liquidity mining program caused its TVL to go parabolic. In her weekly podcast, Camila Russo explored the state of play in gaming tokenomics with Gabby Dizon, the co-founder of Yield Guild Games and an Axie vet. And in its debut, the SuperMassive NFT Show on our YouTube channel covered the action in all three rings of the non-fungible token circus.

This week we also offered up a number of tutorials and research pieces to help Defiers get a handle on the intricacies of the space. Dr. Brian Huang laid out the basics of leveraged yield farming and trading strategies in two DeFi 101 how-tos. Our partner Global Digital Finance produced a valuable round-up of DeFi trends. And in two provocative essays on the inner workings of DAOs, guest writers Red questioned the primacy of voting in these entities, while Connor Spelliscy wrote about the challenges in scaling them. Good times! Enjoy…

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🎙 "I Realized We Could Scale Play-to-Earn to Impact Thousands, Hopefully Millions of Lives:" YGG's Gabby Dizon

In this week’s episode, we speak with Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games, or YGG. Long before Gabby was into crypto he was into gaming, and that’s how he started playing Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based game where players earn cryptocurrency just for playing. Gabby eventually became a well-known figure in the Axie community, spreading the word especially in his home country, the Philippines, as he saw that crypto earned for playing was making a real difference in people’s lives.



📺 The SuperMassive NFT show: Mutants, Logan and Pranksy's Banksy

📺 First Look: Deposit Money & Spend Yields with Pylon Protocol

📺 Tuesday Tutorial: How to get insurance on Anchor Protocol | Terra Tutorial

📺 Quick Take: Security issue on Ethereum

Inbox Dump #23

For paid subscribers only — The Inbox Dump is where we include the updates and announcements that flood our DMs each week and didn’t make it to The Defiant’s content platforms. We also include a compilation of DeFi and crypto funding rounds in the past week so you have these in one handy place.


🗳 The Problem with Voting in DAOs

Everyone loves to vote, and DAOs, that innovative structure enabled by the Ethereum blockchain, is predicated on the idea that democratic cooperation is both desirable and necessary in DeFi. But what if we’ve made too much of voting? What if it’s a component, yes, but not the panacea so many Defiers believe? That’s the provocative argument guest columnist Red makes in this essay. A must read.

The first major blockchain conference I attended in person was this July at EthCC 4 in Paris. It was an amazing experience. I met so many people and learned about so many projects and gathered perspectives on where Ethereum is headed. But there was one common theme that concerned me — this notion that DAOs = Voting.

Nearly every conversation I had about decentralized autonomous organizations gravitated around voting and governance, and rarely did the topic go beyond that. But when I look at the DAO acronym, I don’t see a ‘V’. Autonomous does connote self governance, or voting, and we use decentralized mechanisms to cast our votes — but what about the third word in the acronym, which everyone seems to ignore? Organization. And since all three of these words go together, it is not just voting that needs to be decentralized, but the business organization itself.

If your project’s business structure (organization) is still the same five devs who launched the protocol, and they make all day-to-day decisions on business operations, then is it fair to call it a DAO?

🧗 Scaling DAOs Won’t Be Easy: Here’s Five Major Challenges They Must Overcome

In this essay, Connor Spelliscy highlights five key challenges DAOs must address if they are scale in a meaningful way. He draws on input from the DAO Summit and interviews with influential voices in DeFi.

UPSHOT The only thing cooler than working for one DAO is working for all the DAOs. But to do that you need to figure out what all DAOs need. That sounded tricky to us, too.

BRILLIANT So we asked! We gathered together some of the leading DAO founders, operators, and investors at the DAO Summit. We then separately interviewed more than 20 other brilliant DAO stakeholders, and asked them what they needed most. And here it is: a list of five of the most pressing questions for DAOs. So you can level up and get working right now.

STAKEHOLDERS With DAOs starting to research legal, governance, diversity, treasury management, tax, and other issues, much of the foundational learnings and research of DAO stakeholders remain siloed within their own communities. By doing open source work, you’ll accelerate the functionality of all DAOs, rather than just one. Your work can go so much further.




🥁 Wall Street Swoons for Altcoins and the Drums Beat for Crypto ETFs: A DeFi Summer Roundup

Global Digital Finance sizes up the dramatic developments of the last three months and what comes next as financial institutions further embrace DeFi’s many innovations.

1. “Not just Bitcoin”: Altcoins are having their moment with institutional investors

Institutions are rushing back into crypto with $21M net inflows, following six weeks of outflows. This time, however, the funds which saw the largest inflows were not Bitcoin-related. Funds with exposure to Solana and Cardano related products saw the largest inflows with $7.1M and $6.4M respectively. These are followed by Ethereum and Litecoin related products.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, saw its seventh week of outflows. This is expected to change with Bitcoin reaching $50K on August 23rd.

2. Could we see crypto ETFs in the USA as soon as October?

While ETFs have been available across Europe for a while, investors in the US have been awaiting approvals from the SEC with anticipation. The SEC has yet to approve an application for a Bitcoin ETF, delaying decisions on high-profile applications. This includes applications from WisdomTree, who launched a Bitcoin ETF on Switzerland’s SIX stock exchange back in 2019.

DeFi 101: Tutorials

🎓 Crypto Day Trading: Leveraged Yield Farming Strategies

In this latest addition to The Defiant’s DeFi 101 curricula, Brian Huang walks us through the ins and outs of one of the hottest trading strategies in the market.

Does leveraged yield farming sound intimidating? It’s understandable that some would feel that way. After all, leverage and yield strategies are tools that professional investors have been known to utilize, their inner workings esoteric to the every-day investor. Yet, with the growth of decentralized finance, that’s no longer the case. Easy-to-use platforms now exist to allow normal investors to take advantage of these tools and earn yields that even professional investors can’t beat.

Of course, for professional investors, it’s also a positive situation. With these tools, they can further customize their strategies to perfectly align with their market biases, risk profiles, and target yields. And all this while participating in the high-growth high-yield sector of decentralized finance.

So let’s break down leveraged yield farming strategies step-by-step.

🎓 What Is Leveraged Yield Farming and How Can It Bring Higher Returns?

In this latest addition to The Defiant’s DeFi 101 curricula, Brian Huang walks us through one of the most important projects in the space — leveraged yield farming. Put on your thinking caps!

In DeFi, while it’s not necessarily true that bigger is always better, the beauty of a high APY never fails to turn heads. And regardless of how much higher DeFi yields are compared to traditional finance, there’s no shortage of DeFi users eager to maximize their profits, chasing higher yields from platform to platform and network to network. Therefore, it’s no surprise that leveraged yield farming, with its superior capital efficiency to alternative DeFi products, has become a popular choice for experienced DeFi participants to maximize their yields.

The concept behind leveraged yield farming isn’t as complicated as it might seem at first mention; If yield farming with X yields you Y returns, then yield farming with 5X yields you 5Y returns. In other words, borrowing funds to ramp up your position X, aka using leverage, multiplies your yields. Of course, it’s not for free; Like any lending platform, you have to pay borrowing interest for the privilege to use borrowed funds. Yet, where leveraged yield farming shines is in its capital efficiency–the ability to borrow more than you put up as collateral.













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Farid Rached 🔺 @FaridRached.@DefiantNews just dropped an absolutely amazing video on #Avalanche @DirSchmidt and @alpGasimov are geniuses and one of the best content creators in our industry 👏 Thank you 🙏🏻

SuperMassive AlphaCrunk @DirSchmidtMassive deep dive into @avalancheavax $avax is now up ok @DefiantNews Plenty of Turkish flavour to be enjoyed as well. Deep Dive into Avalanche by Ava Labs https://t.co/vOZPaCoOTV4:09 PM ∙ Aug 27, 202116Likes5Retweets


Adam J. Cheshier 🌖 @ajcheshierNice tutorial on @pylon_protocol. A lot of it is beginner-friendly so pass it to your normie friends who might be interested in launching projects on the blockchain! 👍 @DefiantNews has always been so supportive of @terra_money. They were early! $LUNA 🌙 youtube.com/watch?v=2re-HI…


youtube.comDeposit Money & Spend Yields with Pylon ProtocolPylon aligns the interests of both users and creators involved in long-term value exchanges via simple user deposits and stable yield payouts over time. Pylo...6:24 AM ∙ Sep 2, 202158Likes11Retweets


John Wu 🔺 @John1wuHas everybody watched this #Avalanche video by the @DefiantNews ?! This is some top-notch production and love the Turkish 🇹🇷 themes in there. Has added some spice to the narrative. youtu.be/4Mc_xhjsjFg


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Atlantis World @atlantis0x📢 Our recent collab with @iearnfinance is featured in @DefiantNews... 🕹️ We are proud to join market leaders on a mission to onboard billions of users into open metaverse + DeFi! 👇 Ty to @Psycheout86 from @AxieInfinity for the seal of approval: thedefiant.io/yearn-degens-m…


thedefiant.ioYearn Finance Backs Atlantis World to Draw Degens Into the Metaverse - The Defiant - DeFi NewsWhat’s the answer to make decentralized finance more fun and immersive than its current incarnation of websites and bulletin boards? Apparently it’s community environments reminiscent of video games played on 1990s-era consoles.11:00 AM ∙ Sep 1, 202148Likes18Retweets


Dr John @Dr_John_TAstounded by the amazing insight of Raoul Pal. Superb video! @RaoulGMI @DefiantNews


youtube.com“The Biggest, Clearest Bet of All is Ethereum”In this week’s episode we interview Raoul Pal, who retired from the hedge fund world at 36 years old and has run financial media company Real Vision for the ...10:56 PM ∙ Aug 31, 202112Likes1Retweet


Pangolin 🔺 @pangolindexGreat deep dive into #Avalanche @avalancheavax by @DefiantNews and @DirSchmidt

SuperMassive AlphaCrunk @DirSchmidtMassive deep dive into @avalancheavax $avax is now up ok @DefiantNews Plenty of Turkish flavour to be enjoyed as well. Deep Dive into Avalanche by Ava Labs https://t.co/vOZPaCoOTV11:20 PM ∙ Aug 31, 202132Likes5Retweets


Gabby Dizon @gabuschI'm on @DefiantNews podcast! Thank you @CamiRusso for being such a great interviewer, I really enjoyed chatting with you about @YieldGuild, @AxieInfinity and the whole play-to-earn movement. Listen to it here:


open.spotify.comThe DefiantListen to The Defiant on Spotify. The internet of money is being built with blockchain technology and without banks. We call it DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, and this is where you can hear the builders and users of this cutting edge world tell their stories first hand. Hosted by Camila Rus…4:29 PM ∙ Aug 30, 2021236Likes45Retweets


Emin Gün Sirer🔺 @el33th4xorFantastic educational content by @DirSchmidt from @DefiantNews! If you have a chance, I recommend anyone interested in learning about #Avalanche to watch this overview!

SuperMassive AlphaCrunk @DirSchmidtMassive deep dive into @avalancheavax $avax is now up ok @DefiantNews Plenty of Turkish flavour to be enjoyed as well. Deep Dive into Avalanche by Ava Labs https://t.co/vOZPaCoOTV6:30 PM ∙ Aug 27, 2021286Likes44Retweets


𝓐𝓛𝓟 @alpGasimovDeğerli @el33th4xor hocam, @avalancheavax hakkında yaptığımız videoyu umarım beğenirsiniz. - @DefiantNews video ekibi youtu.be/4Mc_xhjsjFg


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NatyShi 🦇🔊 @NatyShi_Seguimos aprendiendo sobre los basicos de #DeFi (#DeFi101) en @DefiantNews con este nuevo post en español: La importancia de no pedir permisos para ser financieramente libres! Que piensan? @cristpereirag @CamiRusso y yo estamos aquí para sacar dudas!


defiantes.substack.com¿Qué significa “Permisionado” y por qué es importante?Cuando se utiliza una aplicación DeFi, no hay que registrarse con el correo electrónico y el nombre, no se requiere una identificación y, en la mayoría de los casos, no hay restricciones en cuanto a la ubicación geográfica. ¡Lo único que hay que hacer es pulsar unos cuantos botones y ya está!2:58 PM ∙ Sep 1, 20218Likes3Retweets


Cristobal Pereira @cristpereirag🦄 Recap: #DeFi semana del 22 de agosto! Actualízate con los acontecimientos de la última semana del ecosistema #DeFi de la mano de @DefiantNews traducido al español por @NatyShi_ y mi persona. 🤓 Lee el recap 👉 bit.ly/3gGpReo ✅ Recuerda suscribirte


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Mihailo Bjelic @MihailoBjelicHad a blast with @CamiRusso and all these great minds! 💫 Trust me when I tell you, the future of Ethereum is so bright that we will all need shades! 😎 P.S. Honored to have two Polygon representatives on such a high-quality panel! Hopefully there will be more of us soon.. 😊


The Defiant @DefiantNews⏰Jam Session on #Ethereum Scaling starts in 60 minutes, join us live! ⭐️Panel⭐️ @MihailoBjelic / @0xPolygon @EliBenSasson / @StarkWareLtd @ben_chain / @optimismPBC @gluk64 / @the_matter_labs @sgoldfed / @OffchainLabs @jbaylina / @PolygonHermez 👇 https://t.co/XMb79hIhZi8:36 PM ∙ Aug 26, 2021112Likes20Retweets

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