Yearn Merges With Three DeFi Projects in Four Days

Yearn Finance has partnered or merged with at least six different DeFi projects, three of which have been announced in just in the past four days.

SushiSwapAkropolis and Cover, were the latest protocols to combine forces with Yearn, while mergers with Cream, Pickle, and a partnership with Hegic were announced in the past two weeks.

Rather than all of these projects combining into one single DeFi behemoth, they will continue working separately, each with its own token. The difference is that now, Yearn’s, Akropolis’ and Pickle’s automated investment strategies, Sushi’s AMM, Cream’s lending and borrowing, and Cover’s insurance products, are all interconnected and leveraging each other’s offerings.

The combined assets of all the mergers, would leave the conglomerate at $1.3B in TVL, just below Aave, or fifth in DeFi Pulse’s ranking.

Dig Deeper Into Each Merger Here:

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