Teens Are Taking Over Finance and You’re Not Ready for It

Teens Are Taking Over Finance and Youre Not Ready For It

Try and guess my age. It may not be immediately obvious. And no I didn’t drink the blood of a thousand virgins, I seem to be weirdly youthful. Must be all those NFTs I’ve acquired. But I am in fact an ancient old man when it comes to the young blood coursing through this space right now. Because when you open your ears and listen – that is the sound of hormones, underage drinking, chap snatting and Tik Toking… so much Tik Toking. Because, whether you like it or not. Teenagers are here and they’re starting to make their presence felt. Bigly, muchly. Well a lot. So, in this episode we will bring you some of the youthful stories that collided with the rapidly declining physical manifestation that is my meatsack body. From Teen Tik Tokers, to NFT artists, to out and out thieves.

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