InstaDapp Releases Governance Token with 55% for Community Members

DeFi infrastructure protocol InstaDapp has launched their governance token, INST, on Ethereum Mainnet. 

INST holders will be able to discuss and vote on all future InstaDapp protocol upgrades. InstaDapp has minted 100M INST, allocating 55% for community members and the other 45% for team members, investors, and advisors. 

Initially, 10M INST will be available to claim by DeFi users with positions on Maker, Compound, or Aave on Ethereum mainnet. Another 1M INST will be available to claim by DeFi users with Aave positions on Polygon. 

Users can also be rewarded INST through a three-month liquidity mining program on the InstaDapp protocol, and through a three-month staking program on top of the Uniswap v3 price pool with the ERC20 implementation.

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