Gitcoin’s Kevin Owocki on Fueling Public Goods Funding for the Ethereum Nation

Gitcoins Kevin Owocki on Fueling Public Goods Funding for the Ethereum Nation

Kevin is the founder of Gitcoin a project that helps crowdfund public goods and software developments on the Ethereum blockchain. With 300,000 developers and over 25,000 funders involved in the project the scaling has been plain to see. How was Gitcoin created and how did Kevin even enter this space in the first place?

  • Founder of Gitcoin
  • Crowdfunds public good ands software developments
  • 300,000 developers, 25,000 funders scaling the project rapidly

Timestamp: 11:52

Back in 2018, I was sitting in a coffee shop with Kevin in Brooklyn interviewing him for my book, The Infinite Machine. We talked about how funding and business models in Ethereum appeared to be broken after the ICO era. Gitcoin was born as a reaction to that, he said. What are the keys to this new business model and how has it grown since that 2017 conversation?

  • Funding and business models broken after the ICO era?
  • According to Kevin, Gitcoin came as a reaction to this.
  • How has this new model worked and scaled?

Timestamp: 26:07

Griff Green, a previous guest on The Defiant Podcast, further incentivises contributors on his platform Giveth with benefits or “give backs”. By this model, contributors can become investors. Is this a model that Kevin wants to take forward? And if not, what are the incentive pillars for Gitcoin?

  • Griff Green spoke previously on benefits or “give backs”
  • With this, contributors can become investors.
  • Will Gitcoin walk a similar path?

Timestamp: 49:25

This year, Kevin released his first book titled GreenPilled: How Crypto Can Regenerate the World. It explores the intersection of programmable money, game theory, and mechanism design. Where did the idea for the book stem from, what is Regen finance, and what’s next on his Regen to do list?

  • This year, Kevin released his first book “GreenPilled: How Crypto Can Regenerate the World.”
  • Exploring programmable money, game theory and mechanism design.
  • Where did this idea come from and where will it lead?

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