BTC is a Terrible Hedge Against Inflation. Or is it?

BTC is a Terrible Hedge Against Inflation. Or is it

In the last two years the US government has printed a scarcely believable 4.6 trillion dollars. Quantitative easing the only card they could play to combat the pandemic and keep the economy on its feet. The result, rampant inflation over 8% leaving the Fed only one move – raise interest rates to reduce its balance sheet and curb rising prices. So now the DXY is pumping Treasury Bonds are more attractive and Bitcoin is heading down taking the rest of crypto with it. But wait, wasn’t Bitcoin meant to be the hedge, wasn’t it meant to be the answer to debasement of fiat currency? Well that was the big story being trumpeted by Bitcoin’s new institutional cheerleaders. Michael Saylor, Cathie Wood, Paul Tudor Jones big names, all convinced that Bitcoin is a viable hedge against currency debasement.

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