Bayc, Ape, the Otherside and Kodas – Everything You Need to Know

BAYC APE the OtherSide and Kodas everything you need to know

Let’s talk Silos, powerful containers of value but limited by their size. The vast majority of crypto communities are silos. Powerful yes, but limited by their ability to reach the level of universality that defines mega success. But there are clear examples of projects that have transcended their boundaries becoming a layer above the silos. Connecting them together, feeding off their energy and becoming the most powerful forces in the cryptoverse. I call them meta-communities – communities of communities. Binance is the pre-eminent example. And if we’re to understand the ambitions of Yuga Labs with the Otherside, Kodas and Apecoin then this is where we must start. The Otherside a meta community to unite an entire menagerie of NFT communities – $APE the liquidity layer powering commerce, gameplay and social intercourse. And bundled with it a mysterious new creature – the Koda. You want a deep dive. This is it.

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